2019-2020 Commitment to Excellence Staff Recognition Program

Have you seen a staff member demonstrating excellence in performing their job responsibilities? Take a moment and nominate them for a 2019-20 Commitment to Excellence Award. The Commitment to Excellence Awards are metallic commemorative coins that will be presented to staff to recognize their efforts above and beyond the call of duty.

This program celebrates our staff members who demonstrate the highest standards in their commitment to supporting our mission, vision and values. The Commitment to Excellence program is our practice of thanking those who consistently demonstrate excellence in what they do for our School community.

The award program is intended for staff whose roles are primarily administrative. To be nominated, a staff member’s performance should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Consistently demonstrates excellence in the performance of their job responsibilities.

  • Consistently exhibits a superb and ongoing high level of service to their customers.

  • Consistently produces the highest quality of work product.

  • Performed a significant and exceptional role in the completion of a high impact project or initiative.

Any faculty or staff member may submit nominations by simply sending an email to DUSON.staffrecognition@dm.duke.edu. All nominations will be reviewed against the criteria, and, once approved, a representative from the Associate Dean, Finance and Administration’s office will notify the supervisor of the employee so the commemorative coin may be presented to the recipient.

2019-20 Award Recipients

Rodney BeanGlenn SetliffAmy Baskin I would like to nominate Amy Baskin, Glenn Setliff and Rodney Bean for a Commitment to Excellence Award. When I suggested that we create a national webinar series as part of our US News and World Report branding strategy, I knew there would be operational and technical challenges. Over the past several weeks Amy, Glenn and Rodney explored existing and potential technology and worked to develop a process and format that was put to test on November 18 and which passed with flying colors. Nearly 70 Deans and senior nursing leaders from across the continental US and Hawaii logged on to learn from Valerie Howard about DUSON's faculty workload strategies. The program went off without a hitch and was an outstanding example of DUSON's leadership in the nursing profession. Amy, Glenn and Rodney navigated a very difficult set of challenges to create an event that will repeated in the coming months as we host additional Deans' Forum Webinars. Their personal commitment to ensuring this program was a total success was above and beyond their job responsibilities and totally deserving of a Commitment to Excellence award. Thanks Amy, Glenn and Rodney for making this idea a reality. ~ Michael Evans

Rodney BeanI would like to nominate Rodney Bean for the Commitment to Excellence Award for his continuous outstanding service. We recently decided to host a webinar for new incoming students and were not familiar with the new Zoom program that is being used. Rodney helped me every step of the way and eased my worries when I had doubts about it working properly. He is always so patient and kind which allows those who work with him to always feel comfortable approaching him for help. Being such a competent and hard worker certainly helps too. The Student Services team greatly appreciates Rodney for all that he does! ~ Nicole Fleming

Lacrecia BellWe would like to nominate Lacrecia Bell for the Commitment to Excellence Award. Lacrecia is a clinical nurse educator (CNE) and highly valued leader in our course, N475 Geronological Nursing: Caring for Older Adults and Their Families. In the classroom and clinical settings, she helps to build learning experiences that are psychologically safe and positively influences our students. Specifically, psychological safety plays a vital role in helping our students overcome barriers to learning and change in interpersonally challenging work environments. Lacrecia ensures that simulations and clinical experiences foster psychological safety for all students with an emphasis on professional behavior and communication. She consistently demonstrates excellence in her role by developing new simulations, making suggestions for improvement in the course and role modeling exemplary communication for student learning. In today's increasingly diverse workforce, the most successful nursing professionals understand that being able to work well with others is critical for a cohesive and supportive work environment. We are grateful for CNEs like Lacrecia Bell because she is the consummate professional who consistently demonstrates excellence by enriching student experiences and our community. ~Jill Brennan-Cook and Michael Cary

Mia BergI would like to nominate Mia Berg in our Clinical Placement Office for her consistent work placing the NP students. She is easy to work with, asking questions as needed of the faculty, meeting on a regular basis with grid updates, and answering student questions in a timely manner. She and I have worked together for two semesters and she has done a good job of placing the Women's Health NP students as well as helping the other staff learn their role as they come on board with CPO! Thank you Mia! ~ Kathryn Trotter

Corey BrownCorey Brown, the newest member of the Division III staff team, was more than up to the task when he was recently asked to convert an incoming faculty member's CV to the Duke format. Corey approached the project with eagerness and did yeoman's work in transferring the many detailed items from the various CV sections (publications, presentations, grants, mentoring, awards, etc.) to the new format. He diligently cross-checked and reviewed each section for accuracy and was mindful of the tight timeline for the assignment so routinely provided updates on his progress. This project was a tall order as the faculty member's CV was an extensive one, and it was Corey's first experience with the Duke CV format! No doubt he dedicated many hours to this special project, in addition to his regular responsibilities. As a result we were able to provide the faculty member with a very well done CV right on time - this would not have happened without Corey's efforts. Thank you Corey for a tremendous job and for demonstrating a strong commitment to excellence! ~Crystal Arthur

Charnetta CooperWith colleagues from the Duke Geriatrics Division and faculty and staff from the Harvard-affiliated Hebrew Home for Senior Life, and funding from the NIH, we hosted a stakeholder co-design meeting with many out-of-the-ordinary guests, including older adult caregivers, nursing home frontline staff, and nationally known researchers. Charnetta Cooper was a cheerful and helpful presence at all stages of the process. On the day of the event, we had to call on her for everything from finding lost participants to ordering taxis to finding missing supplies. She clearly went out of her way to be supportive, and the event would not have been as successful as it was without her efforts and all this while the Adult and Geriatrics Division is short of support staff. She has truly modeled our core values of excellence and respect for others. Thank you Charnetta! ~Ellie McConnell on behalf of the NH-PRIDE research team

I would like to recognize Jeffrey Clark for excellent service, superior customer service and an upbeat attitude. Friday morning as I was at home packing and collecting files for my business trip I realized I had left an electronic file at work. I was unable to get into my P drive because I had replaced my phone and the Duo did not work on the new phone. In a small panic I considered the hour and a half drive to and from school or to try calling for assistance. Jeffrey was able to walk me though the process not once by three times (the joy of intermittent internet service). Each time he was spot on in his directions, never lost patience with me (always appreciated), and always ended the conversation with an invitation to call back if there are problems. His work furthered the mission of the school and I am appreciative. ~Barb Turner

Gillian JacksonWe would like to nominate Gillian Jackson for the Commitment to Excellence Award because she goes above and beyond for our course, N475 Gerontological Nursing: Caring for Older Adults and Their Families. Before the semester began, we had countless meetings to plan the course and Gillian was instrumental in contributing to all meetings with fresh ideas, insightful comments and thoughtful feedback. The GERO course has been evolving and improving because of Clinical Nurse Educator (CNEs) like Gillian. She thinks outside the box and challenges the status quo. Gillian has also developed new Simulation cases with other CNEs and the CND team. These simulations were thoroughly planned and flawlessly orchestrated. Gillian has been enthusiastic and willing to help create new assignments for our course and clinical experiences with careful, reflective and creative contributions. We are grateful for CNEs like Gillian Jackson because she consistently demonstrates excellence benefiting our students, school and community. ~Jill Brennan-Cook and Deirdre Thornlow

Nataki Jones is the single most dependable person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her ability to assess a situation and quickly identify the needs, prioritize and deliver are unparalleled. Watching her continue to develop her skill set as a professional and colleague is truly inspiring. Nataki is currently shouldering a good deal of the burden iin the office during a high volume time as our team supports another colleague who is on leave. This is not the first time Nataki has taken up the reins through the years. I look forward to seeing Nataki grow into the role of Admissions Officer and continue to challenge herself. ~Nora Harrington

Nanika RhodesTina LeiterI would like to nominate Tina Leiter and Nanika Rhodes for Commitment to Excellence awards. They both have tirelessly worked to get the Pearson and the IPE buildings ready for reopening following the onsite of the Corona-19 pandemic. They have maintained faculty/staff/student safety at the forefront of their plans. When many of us were working remotely, they were in the building working closely with EVS to ensure that cleaning protocols were well thought out and activated. Areas of DUSON were strategically roped off to provide a pathway for those to take upon building reentry as well as develop a check-in plan for those coming back to buildings. Tina and Nanika represented the SON at reentry planning meetings and involved other parties at SON for input to what "best practices" for a safe reentry looked like. Their work ethnic at this unprecedented times is an example of Commitment to Excellence that I am indebted to them for.~Margie Molloy

Tina LeiterI would like to recognize through the Commitment to Excellence Program the leadership and hard work of Tina Leiter. Tina's leadership and role in the planning for the new IPE Building and subsequent implementation of the movement of over 100 people across five buildings has been invaluable. I so appreciate her commitment and dedication to the school and quality of our facilities. Her standards are high which directly reflects favorably upon our facilities. Thank you Tina for all you do on a daily basis to help make DUSON great and for your commitment to excellence toward the new IPE Building. ~Dave Bowersox

I would like to nominate Karen Lowdermilk and Maggie McDonough for the Commitment to Excellence Staff Award. The ABSN Program abruptly lost a staff member due to injury/transfer. Karen and Maggie have stepped in and picked up the important tasks that are necessary for our students and their clinical experiences across the Triangle. Even more amazing, they have maintained a positive attitude and keep encouraging me through it all as well! We are very fortunate to have them on our team!! ~Michelle Hartman

Debra MatticeWe would like to nominate Debra Mattice for a Commitment to Excellence award for her leadership in preparing the Duke University Masters Review Committee Report that was submitted on December 2. This report required hours of work and the input of many other DUSON team members. Debra took the lead along with Anne, engaged key stakeholders, drafted the initial report, worked with Anne to revise, then finalized the submission on behalf of the MSN program. She performed this task with grace and professionalism, while ensuring we had adequate instructor coverage for our nursing course sections for the upcoming Spring semester! Debra's positive, can-do attitude definitely helped all of us during the process. Because of her dedication to excellence, the School of Nursing continues to be positioned as a national leader in nursing education. ~Valerie Howard and Anne Derouin

Carla NicholsIt's easy to create a technical environment at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and think that it's secure. Away from the watchful eyes of the Duke Security Office and completely off-site, anyone can say they have created a strong and safe data haven. It's quite another issue to have evidence from an independent third party expert, validating that the AWS environment you have created for your users is secure. I'd like to nominate Carla Nichols and David Parrish for a DUSON Staff Recognition award for their work in securing DUSONCloud, the School of Nursing AWS environment used for business application development and data storage. Because it isn't officially part of the Duke data center, they were on their own in not only creating the resources, but in developing the security surrounding those resources. Now that we have been using it for three years, the Duke Duke Security Office recommended a third party review and even selected a vendor to make sure that we would have a thorough assessment. The initial report from our experts stated "a significant amount of data was collected and analyzed as part of this engagement and the results indicated that overall, DUSONCloud has sound security built-in." All initial findings have been successfully satisfied and DUSONCloud has passed the security assessment. Carla (responsible for securing our hardware resources) and David (responsible for securing our development environment and business application data) have done a remarkable job in creating DUSONCloud with limited guidance. Congratulations to Carla and David for their work in securing DUSON's data and technical resources. ~Glenn Setliff

Carla NicholsThis award recognizes Carla Nichol's tireless work in making sure that our transition to the new Interprofessional Education (IPE) building was successful. Carla played a key role in planning and designing much of the technology found in the IPE building. She took on the task of learning configuration programming and digging deep into technical nuances of some of our new displays. She also provided leadership across multiple teams at Duke, including DHTS network engineering, to meet tight timelines and hold them accountable to DUSON requirements. Finally, she led her team through weeks of schedule shifting and competing demands to make sure all residents of our new building had the tech they needed. For her personally, this meant many late nights, early mornings and meetings with FPDC, AV contractors and vendors. Carla's commitment to DUSON has always been strong. Her diligence and hard work for the past six months was a significant factor to the success of our move into the IPE building. ~Glenn Setliff

Jed PostonAs the saying goes "the reward for good work, is more work," and there is one person who comes to mind. Jed Poston has the nearly impossible task of keeping the application up and running while simultaneously fielding all requests/changes, trouble shooting, and all other last-minute changes. He manages to deliver all with an acute sense of time and prioritizing the needs of the institution, and of course, some well-timed humor. We are lucky to have him on our team. ~Nora Harrington

Alexandra SecrestWe are pleased and honored to nominate Alex Secrest for a Commitment to Service Excellence award. Alex performed a significant and exceptional role in producing our N475 Sakai site for the summer semester. Alex worked tirelessly in designing our Sakai site an ensuring that it functioned well before the semester began. Alex spent many weeks meeting with us, offering ideas, and uploading content. Alex continues to exhibit a superb and ongoing high level of service for us. For example, Alex provides technical support during our weekly synchronous class sessions on Zoom. Moreoever, this past week a student suggested that we include a forum on the Sakai site where students can add their suggestions and share content amongst themselves. We were skeptical that this forum could be managed without moderation. Alex took the initiative to create the forum and indicate that any information added by students be evidence-based, with proper citations. Alex took this initiative and as a result improved the course and its engagement with students. We are thrilled to have Alex as part of our Team as she consistently produces the highest quality work product in challenging situations. Alex consistently demonstrates excellence in the performance of her job responsibilities and we highly recommend that Alex be granted a Commitment to Service Excellence award. ~Jill Brennan-Cook and Deirdre Thornlow

Glenn SetliffI would like to recognize Glenn Setliff through the Commitment to Excellence Program. Glenn's leadership and role in planning for the technology and related IT amenities in the new IPE Building were critical to the quality of the new facility. His rile in helping to orchestrate the many details involved in implementation of desktop PCs and printers for over 100 offices, establishing new displays outside meeting rooms, having best of breed AV and related equipment in our facilities, and so many other things behind the scenes to make all our technology work will is invaluable. Thank you Glenn for all you do on a daily basis to help make DUSON great and for your commitment to excellence toward the new IPE Building. ~Dave Bowersox

Ramon SoteloWe would like to nominate Ramon Sotelo for his service, expertise and excellence managing multiple media requests throughout the MSN/On-Campus Intensive (OCI) week. With such a large number of learners and faculty engaged in the learning process, the navigation and troubleshooting is immense. Ramon manages this challenge with grace, grit and a "can do" positive spirit that models all the values of our community and school. We required technology - sound, video, recording, etc. in small and large group settings. We also had international guests on campus and honor students requiring support... in every instance, he was professional, efficient and innovative to meet the needs. He makes us look good with the smooth behind the scenes efficacy and skill. Thank you! ~Anne Derouin and the OCI Team: Midge Bowers, LIndsay Johnson, Leah White, and Keysha Hall

Ramon SoteloI'm so delighted to nominate Ramon Sotelo for Commitment to Excellence award for his dedicated service and collaboration with the New York State High School Consortium and Duke University School of Nursing. For more than seven years, we have offered virtual information and educational sessions to NY students who are interested in nursing. To date, we've connected with more than 3,000 students in New York via the annual presentation that I offer via Web-ex or Zoom. Ramon has been with me for everyone of these sessions, ensuring that the connection is secure, the content is translated smoothly to the audience and our presentation is smooth, professional and accessible to the many schools who connect via the link. I'm grateful to Ramon for hi service and for making it all look so seamless and easy. He is a tremendous example of excellence for our community and a representative that ensures we ALL look good to a larger population outside of school. Thank you Ramon for your partnership and for your demonstrated, sustained level of excellence all these years. ~Anne Derouin

Stacy SwinneyI want to praise Stacy Swinney for the work she does with contracts for clinical placements. She is a great source of information and placement status. This is greatly needed and appreciated! Her attention to detail, customer service perspective, attentive nature is to be commended. She is reliable , responsive and detail oriented - all qualities that are necessary for optimal clinical placements. She is a role model for many and such a valuable contributor to the DUSON team. ~ Kathleen Turner

Stacy SwinneyI would like to recognize a colleague of mine who exemplifies characteristics of excellence at all times. Stacy Swinney is the contracts manager here at DUSON for the MSN program. She is a great asset within the Clinical Placement Office being that we would not be able to accomplish our tasks without her. She is diligent, kind, consistent, and what we call the "MSN Student Encyclopedia." Since I began working in the MSN-CPO department with her, she has helped me become fully comfortable within my role. She is supportive, available, and always has a warm smile. I could not have imagined being as successful with my transition without Stacy being as helpful and considerate as she has been. Stacy really rocks! ~Latoya Denny

As I began my new role in the IPEC Center, I wanted to get some pointers on managing a busy executives calendar while performing my other tasks in the most efficient way. When I considered who to reach out to, my first thought was to ask Otissa Turner. Otissa is ALWAYS willing to help and does so with such a great attitude. Otissa met with me and gave me several tips to efficiently manage calendars. I very much appreciate the fact that she was willing to take her time to meet with me and her willingness to freely share her expertise. Otissa is a joy to work with! ~Cindy Luddy

Selnatta VereenI would like to nominate Selnatta Vereen for a Commitment to Excellence Award. I have worked with Selnatta since January 2006 regarding payroll issues, hiring of PhD students for research assistants, teaching assistants positions and other payroll issues. We work closely together in regards to hiring PhD students to work with our faculty. Selnatta consistently works with me at an exemplary level and I think that sometimes people don't realize what it takes to get someone hired at Duke. There are multiple procedures, payroll deadlines, limited hours that a PhD student can work and Selnatta works diligently to make sure everyone gets on payroll without a delay in getting paid. Hiring of international students, visiting scholars, postdocs have extra procedures and Selnatta knows exactly what to do. She is detailed oriented and her skills are invaluable to me and to DUSON. Without her, none of us would get paid! Selnatta is well-deserving of this recognition as an excellent staff member. Selnatta, thank you for all you do; you are truly appreciated by me. I ask others to join me in the recognition of Selnatta and her diligence to get everyone paid in a timely manner. I think Selnatta is a silent advocate for all of us and goes unnoticed for her great work. I hope Selnatta will receive this award as I would like others to be aware of her excellent skills and knowledge . ~Revonda Huppert

Ramon SoteloNicholas McNeillRodney BeanDenise WilliamsI would like to nominate Denise Williams, Rodney Bean, Jeffrey Clark, Nicholas McNeill, Ramon Sotelo, Will Lassiter, Arryn Dorsey, and Josh Alston for a Commitment to Excellence Award. I'm very grateful and thankful for my recent Commitment to Excellence coin for my work with the IPE building. But I wanted to express that it was a team effort, and nothing would have been possible without the help my teams: IT Service Desk, Infrastructure and Multimedia Services - all play important roles in ensuring a successful move into the IPE Building. From our interns, Arryn and Josh, taking on more IT Service Desk responsibilities; while the rest of the team prepared for the upcoming moves. The IT Service Desk: Jeffrey and Nick, adjusting their work schedule, for a month, by coming in early to ensure the computer equipment was ready in the new offices. Imaging and deploying, 60+ new computers for the PhD suite, classrooms, conference rooms and testing/coding rooms, this summer. Assisting users in the new building, by moving computers and connecting them to the IPE printers. All while managing their normal Service Desk tasks. The Multimedia Services Team: Ramon, Rodney and Will who worked with the system integrator to learn and test the technology in the new classroom and conference rooms. Learning a new application for the testing/coding rooms, so proctors can view students remotely. While also managing the retirement of Adobe Connect, transitioning to Duke Enterprise Zoom, and Pearson room upgrades. Infrastructure, Denise configuring the server and applicaiton for the room displays. Patch networking ports, when ports were not active. Configuring software in th PhD suite and testing/coding rooms. And maintaining her normal duties of supporting the AWS infrastrucgture for TAMS/CPS, projects and managing and assisting the IT Service Desk. Special thanks to Will, for being flexible by covering the IT Service Desk, while the team assisted with the moves; since Arryn and Josh were back in school. Also, helping us install the room displays in Pearson and checking the room displays every morning to make sure they were working correctly. Arryn, Denise Jeffrey, Josh, Nick, Ramon, Rodney and Will; are all deserving of a Commitment to Excellence coin, because they have shownt he true meaning of TEAMWORK - where they were willing to take on extra tasks, come in early and stay late, to ensure DUSON users had a smooth transition into the IPE Building. ~Carla Nichols

We would like to nominate Katherine Zeph for a Commitment to Excellence award because she consistently demonstrates dedication in providing services to faculty, staff and students in our course, Nursing Care of Older Adults and Families. In 12 short summer weeks, Katherine has tolerated unforeseen last minute requests, organized weekly online and paper exams, input grades into Sakai and managed multiple clinical changes. Katherine has assisted our clinical associates who teach clinical on campus with extra needed support and she has helped students overcome problems on Sakai. The Sakai learning curve is steep, yet Katherine has faced the challenge. She has also helped to create some fabulous role-playing scripts for our class and for our simulations. Her willingness to step up to the plate with creative enthusiasm is appreciated. We thank Katherine for helping us to achieve our mission . ~Jill Brennan-Cook and Deirdre Thornlow

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