DUSON Work-Study

The goal of work-study programs is to promote student employment opportunities for students who desire job experience and to assist those students who need earnings to help meet educational expenses.

Students providing services and assistance on a regular basis for the benefit of DUSON are considered to be employees. There are currently two work-study programs: the Federal Work-Study Program provides a federal subsidy of 75% for all eligible earnings, the remaining 25% of student wages is borne by hiring departments. The Duke Work-Study Program, for undergraduate students only, provides a 50% subsidy from financial aid sources for all eligible students, with the remaining 50% to come from the hiring department's funds. DUSON only participates in the 75% federal funding option for work study students DUSON employs.

For Faculty and Staff
For Students

We urge you to consider us for employment! All of our student positions are posted online via the Duke List. The positions are searchable by location, work study requirements, and qualifications.

Work-Study Hours & Compensation

It is critical that your employment be a manageable part of your graduate career, not an overwhelming experience. Your primary purpose in being at Duke is to earn your degree. Please discuss with your employer the number of hours that you feel comfortable working given all other obligations of your time. The maximum weekly hours while enrolled is 19.9/week. It is not recommended to work the maximum number of hours permitted. Academic Year work-study allocations can only be used for hours worked August through May. Do not start working until you are officially on payroll; any hours worked prior to getting on payroll will not be compensated.

For students who are not currently on the Duke payroll, proper identification is required by law before individuals are able to begin working. A list of acceptable documents is provided by our Human Resources Office. Students who are on Work-Study should bring Work-Study verification forms to the Human Resources Office before beginning employment.

Student employees are paid on the Duke University bi-weekly payroll system, with the exception of PhD graduate students employed as teaching assistants who are paid on a monthly basis. Graduate students need to contact their programs financial aid office to determine if they are eligible for work-study. Direct deposit is required for all student employees. No students are allowed to work outside of the U.S. whether a U.S. citizen, Green Card holder, visa holder or not. Foreign nationals who are physically located in the U.S. can work, but their visa status must allow for this work.

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