Appointment, Promotion and Tenure - Regular Rank Faculty

Faculty Appointments

There are three regular rank faculty appointment tracks in the Duke University School of Nursing: Track I/tenure, Track II/practice and Track III/research. All three tracks are equally valued, and the contributions of faculty in each track are essential to the success of our School in fulfilling our mission.

Faculty interests and expertise, combined with the needs of our School, are used to determine the track and rank most appropriate for each individual. 

All faculty members, regardless of track, are expected to be excellent teachers, and all are expected to contribute in progressively significant ways to the service mission of our School, University, profession and community – from local to global. 

Scholarship is an expectation of all faculty members. The specific type of scholarship, however, varies by track. For example, the scholarship of faculty in our tenure track focuses on research that advances the science of nursing through discovery research; for faculty in the practice track, scholarship is demonstrated through scholarly practice as a clinician, educator, or administrator; and in the research track, scholarship focuses on methodological expertise or independent research. These distinctions serve to ensure that the School of Nursing has a strong cadre of faculty whose diverse contributions are valued and critical to our School’s success.

Regardless of track, scholarly contributions are a key metric that underpins appointment, promotion and tenure, and in every instance, scholarly contributions are evaluated in regard to significance and impact. Significance refers to the importance or consequence of one’s work. Impact is linked with significance but further explicates how the scholarly work influences others or alters thinking, practice, education, leadership, policy or the health of people. 

APT Committee

Our APT Committee recommends regular rank faculty appointments and promotions at the associate professor and professor ranks in all tracks; recommends tenure actions; and conducts five-year evaluations for untenured Track I faculty members and five-year reviews for Track II and Track III professors for reappointment.

The APT Committee is comprised of 14 members elected by FGA from the eligible pool of members (Track I professors with tenure, associate professors with tenure, and Track II and Track III professors) each for a two-year term. The composition of the committee is six professors with tenure, four associate professors with tenure, and four Track II and Track III professors. The Chair of the committee is elected by the committee and must be a tenured professor. A Track I professor from our APT Committee is a member of the School of Medicine’s Clinical Sciences Committee, and a Track I committee member serves as an ex officio member of the Peer Review Committee.

The current APT Committee members are:

Professors with tenure
Isaac Lipkus
Marilyn Oermann (Chair)
Michael Relf
Paula Tanabe
Barbara Turner
Julia Walker (SOM Clinical Sciences Member)

Associate Professors with tenure
Cristina Hendrix
Devon Noonan
Ryan Shaw
Sophia Smith

Professors, Track II
Mary Lou Affronti
Jennie De Gagne
Valerie Sabol
Julie Waldrop

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