Notifications and Information

In the event of an emergency, SON faculty, staff and students will receive appropriate information and direction through these highly coordinated management systems using a variety of communication channels.


Depending on the nature and location of an emergency situation, Duke may send a “DukeALERT” message to all students, faculty and staff at their Duke e-mail accounts.

Text Messaging

An alert message may be sent to the mobile devices of Duke Community members who register with our text messaging system. Sign up for DukeALERT text messages or learn more about text messaging at Duke.

Please Note: As part of the enrollment process, all students at Duke University are automatically signed up for text messaging alerts. Faculty and staff must individually register to receive these updates.


Duke may choose to activate its emergency website, which serves as the primary source of information updates.

All University emergency alert messages will automatically be shown on the DUSON web homepage as well as on digital signage displays located around the school. Syndication technology allows for a web bar to appear automatically on the School of Nursing website to highlight emergency news and other alerts.

The alert bar accommodates two levels of information.

  • Level 1 alerts, represented by a red bar, will be used for emergencies and will link to the DukeALERT website for additional information.
  • Level 2 alerts, represented by an orange bar, will be used for important messages such as about pending severe weather or a gas leak in a building.

Please Note: In some situations, Duke may decide the emergency website is unnecessary but will still post updates on Duke Today.

Members of the Duke community are encouraged to subscribe to the emergency RSS feed that will automatically send them updates about emergencies. The RSS feeds will only activate in case of emergency.


Duke will post an alert message on (4636), Duke’s emergency and severe weather information line.

Outdoor Warning System

An alert tone may be broadcast on campus using outdoor sirens. For more information, please see the Outdoor Warning System.

Direct Contact and Other Channels

Duke Police or other officials will attempt to alert you directly about what to do and we will use additional methods of communication as appropriate. In addition, Duke University will provide regular updates to the news media.

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