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RNTAP Features

Application Process

Applications are available by contacting the Office of Special Programs in Nursing Administration. Your application must be approved by your manager prior to submission to DUHS Nursing Administration for approval. You must submit your RNTAP application to the Office of Special Programs by the deadline below:

  • Spring semester: December 1
  • Summer semester: April 1
  • Fall semester: July 1

You will be notified once your application is approved.

Payment Process

RNTAP award (minus required tax withholdings) is posted to the student’s bursar account to be applied to your DUSON bill. This payment process will take 4-6 weeks from the drop/add date of the semester being funded. Pending RNTAP payments reported to the Financial Aid office appear as anticipated aid so that no late fees will be charged to the student’s account.

GPA Requirement

Successful completion of the course with a grade of “C” or better (or “Pass”) is required to retain the RNTAP payment. RNTAP participants must report grades to the RNTAP coordinators within two weeks of the end of classes. If a student fails to successfully complete the course, the previously awarded RNTAP amount will be deducted from the amount provided for the following semester. If the student does not return for the following semester, then the student will be required to pay back the RNTAP funds for the course in which the student was unsuccessful.

Work Commitment Requirement

You must work in a benefits-eligible status as a DUHS registered nurse for a consecutive 3-year period. The 3-year work commitment clock begins on the last day of the semester, after you have taken 5 hours in a degree program at DUSON. The clock continues to run while you are in school and working at DUHS as a 30 hr/week, benefits-eligible employee. An eligible DUHS registered nurse whose employment status drops below benefits-eligible status, or who terminates for any reason prior to completing the work repayment period, must repay a portion of the RNTAP funds received. This portion is calculated by dividing the total RNTAP funds awarded in half.