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Financial Support

PhD students are fully funded for the first three years of the program, which includes a stipend to support living expenses and covers tuition, fees, and health insurance. Additional financial support is made available in following years. As a PhD student, you’ll receive a competitive package that should provide financial support for the majority of the time you are registered and working toward your degree. PhD students are supported in a variety of ways, including funding from the School of Nursing, Graduate School, or other governmental and private sources.

PhD students also play an integral part in the financial commitment. All students are expected to make a good-faith effort to obtain external fellowships at some point during their funding period, and will be encouraged to pursue these opportunities. It is important to understand that the overall PhD Program awards budget is dependent on a significant number of students obtaining such external support. External grants and fellowships also benefit students because they bring distinction, and competing for such awards provides students with opportunities to practice grant-writing skills that may serve them well in their future careers.  Beginning with the second semester of Year 1, PhD students who are receiving financial support from the School of Nursing are required to engage in a Graduate Assistantship in research or teaching (approximately 8 hours per week). Graduate Assistantships support the mission of the school, but also enhance the student’s scholarly portfolio.