Biederman Publishes Poem in Journal of Cultural Diversity

Donna J. Biederman had a poem, Food for Thought, published in the Journal of Cultural Diversity.

The ability to rationalize, aware that I'm aware,inherent human traits that I possess -Afford the right and reason, to reign both flora andfauna, who are often seen as less.

My opposable thumb perfectly holds my knife,as I gingerly slice my steak -I hold higher logic, demonstrate the ability to use tools,mastery the flora and fauna cannot fake.

But while mankind was purportedly created equala hierarchy seems firmly in place -And the value of many of those in our world,is based on things like gender, class, and race.

What if this nonsense spread into other kingdoms,can you imagine the chaos it would create?The animals and plants would spend all their energydeciding who to love and who to hate.

The animals might have an easier time,as overt instinct drives their society -For a mouse trapped alone, in a room with a cat,certainly is not free.

But the plants are more subtle, their actions refined,heeding the seasons' supplies and demands -So how would they establish a pecking orderto decide who wilts and who stands?

Consider the vegetables, how would they deducewhich traits should hold high regard?Would the celery, or carrots, or tomatoes reign supreme -or would nobility be bestowed to Swiss Chard?

Perhaps the potatoes or peppers or onions would triumph,as the latter brings even the most stoic to tears -Surely the desire to be considered the cream of the crop,would elicit strange behaviors and countless fears.

Undoubtedly the vegetables hold the secrets to life,no energy wasted in efforts to deprive -Symbiosis and self-selection have afforded equity,allowing all the opportunity to thrive.

So as we search for methods to embrace our differences,Begetting all flourish in our human community -We need not venture far beyond the garden gate,as therein lies a recipe for humanity.

Reprinted with the author's permission.
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