CONCEPT Office Announces CATALYST Award Winners

The CONCEPT Office is very pleased to announce that the team of Dr. Valerie Sabol and Margie Molloy will become our second CATALYST Faculty Innovation Award winners for their project "Incorporating Obesity Education into the Undergraduate Nursing Curriculum." This interdisciplinary project, combining the expertise of DUSON faculty, computer science engineers, physical therapists, and our own video production crew at CITDL, will develop a multimedia mobile toolkit on the inherent safety risks associated with the care of acutely ill obese patients. The toolkit will provide our students with online access to a repository of bariatric-related information, innovative tutorials, and video simulations of appropriate safety measures in a variety of scenarios. What's more, RNs and entry-level caregivers will be able to consult the same content where it counts the most -- at the point-of-care. Sabol and Molloy are tackling a serious educational challenge for which there are as yet no national guidelines, and their approach makes creative use of emerging technologies to support "just-in-time" learning. The CONCEPT Office applauds our latest award winners and encourages all faculty and staff to look for the next CATALYST Award call for proposals in early August.

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