Duke Representation at Southern Nursing Research Society 2012 Conference

A cadre of Duke faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and doctoral students presented at the 26th Southern Nursing Research Society Annual Conference themed “Nurse Scientists as Crucial Partners to Health Delivery” February 22–25, in New Orleans, Louisiana.


In a Duke-led "Up Close and Penetrating: Case-based Approaches to Nursing Research" symposium:

  • Associate Professor Sharron Docherty presented a paper entitled “Up Close and Penetrating: Case-based Approaches to Nursing Research” co-authored with assistant professors Robin Knobel and Janet Levy.
  • Assistant Professor Robin Knobel presented a paper entitled “Exploratory Research in Neonates Using Case-based Approach with Longitudinal, Physiologic Measures” co-authored with PhD student Heather Elser and Assistant Professor Janet Levy.
  • Associate Professor Debra Brandon presented a paper entitled “Illness Trajectories of Infants with Life-threatening Conditions: Signaling Epochs” co-authored with Associate Professor Sharron Docherty and PhD student Kimberly Allen.
  • PhD student Tiffany Kelley presented a paper entitled “Studying Care Systems Using Case Methods” co-authored with Virginia Stone Professor of Nursing Ruth Anderson, Associate Professor Chip Bailey, and postdoctoral scholar Mark Toles, PhD'11.
  • Assistant Professor Constance Johnson presented a paper entitled “Visualization of Multidimensional Data: Feasibility of a Virtual Environment for Diabetes Self-management” co-authored with Assistant Professor Allison Vorderstrasse.

During the "Parenting Experiences with the Expected and Unexpected During Infancy" symposium:

  • Associate Professor Debra Brandon presented a paper entitled “Mothers’ Experiences with Caregiving Late Preterm Infants.”
  • PhD student Kimberly Allen gave a talk entitled “Parent and Provider Decision-making for Infants with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy.”

During the "Adding Life to Years: Quality of Life in Older Adults" symposium, Associate Professor Cristina Hendrix presented a paper entitled “A Pilot Study on Individualized Training for Informal Caregivers of Frail Hospitalized Older Veterans.”


Assistant Professor Melissa Aselage presented a poster entitled “Feasibility of a Web-based Dementia Feeding Skills Training Module for Nursing Home Staff.”

Claire M. Fagin Postdoctoral Fellow Dana Carthron presented a poster entitled “Trajectory of Self-management Activities among Diabetic African-American Primary Caregiving Grandmothers.”

Associate Professor Cristina Hendrix presented a poster entitled “Transitional Care (TLC) Partners: A Hospital-to-Home Support for Older Adults and their Caregivers.”

Marcus E. Hobbs Distinguished Professor of Nursing Diane Holditch-Davis presented a poster entitled “Maternal Satisfaction with Administering Infant Interventions in the NICU.”

PhD student Casey Migliore presented a poster entitled “Fistula First Assumption in Hemodialysis.”

PhD student Elizabeth Neglia presented a poster entitled “Examining Communication through the Adaptive Leadership Framework.”

Assistant Professor Allison Vorderstrasse presented a poster entitled “Social-ecologic Perspective of Support and Resources in Black Women Living with Type 2 Diabetes.”

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