DUSON Highly Visible with a Strong Presence at the NLN 2015 Education Summit

DUSON and its faculty, students and staff were very visible throughout the National League for Nursing (NLN) annual Education Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada this month. Here are the highlights: 

  • Since Betsy Flint was so instrumental in preparing the final Center of Excellence application, she was invited to attend the Summit and her expenses were supported by the Executive Vice Dean’s office and a faculty member.
  • Dorothy Powell was inducted as an Honorary Fellow in the NLN Academy of Nursing Education for her lifetime contributions to and leadership in nursing education.
  • Marilyn Oermann presented two podium sessions with Mary Anne Rizzolo, Suzie Kardong-Edgren and Pam Jeffries on "High Stakes Assessment Using High Fidelity Simulations."  Part one focused on Scoring Performance and Part two addressed Implementing High Stakes Summative Evaluations.
  • Marilyn Oermann also presented a podium session on "Preparing Manuscripts for Journals."
  • Brigit Carter collaborated with two ABSN students – Jasmine Alexis and Courtney Ramsey – to create and present a poster entitled "Addressing Barriers to Nursing Workforce Diversity and Increasing the Understanding of our Diverse Population by Employing Strategies which Integrate the Social Determinants of Health into an ABSN Program." 
  • Queen Utley-Smith presented a poster entitled "Visions of Innovation: Course Renovation and Transformation, Provocative Lessons Learned."
  • Helen Gordon presented a poster on the methodology of her Teaching Fellowship project: "Factors that Influence Faculty Decision Making in Pre-licensure Programs."
  • Margie Molloy and her colleagues – Val Sabol, Susan Silva and Mary Elizabeth Guimond – had a poster entitled "A 'Weighty' Question … Are Nursing Students Biased toward Obese Patients?” accepted for presentation.  Beth Phillips “manned” the poster and engaged in dialogue with those who visited and want to discuss it.
  • Terry Valiga and Lisa Day delivered a podium session in which they presented the method and preliminary findings from their NLN grant-supported systematic review study on "Student Perceptions regarding a Significant Nursing Education Issue: Student Evaluations of Courses and Instructors."  Other members of this research team are Beth Merwin, Marilyn Oermann, Brenda Nevidjon, Adrianne Leonardelli, and several student/graduates:  Amanda Davis and Debi Hatton (MSN), Mariam Kayle (PhD), and Justine Knudson and Kyra Miller (ABSN). 
  • Melody Wilkinson (DNP, ’15) delivered a podium session entitled "Exploring Generational Differences among Faculty: Implications for Today and the Future."  This presentation was based on an independent study project Wilkinson did while a student at DUSON, a project that was guided by Terry Valiga, who joined Wilkinson on the podium.
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