Hockenberry Submits Application to Study Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Receiving Treatment with Methotrexate

Marilyn Hockenberry submitted a Baylor College of Medicine subcontract. This subcontract arrangement facilitates Dr. Hockenberry’s continued work on her NIH R01 project that will continue at Baylor with their established research team. This subcontract requests funding for a six-month period with a start date of August 1, 2012. The purpose of this study is to investigate relationships among oxidative stress, working memory, motor and visual-motor skills, and academic abilities among children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia who are receiving intensive central nervous system treatment with methotrexate. Dr. Hockenberry’s role will be to continue working with the Baylor team to assure enrollment and ongoing assessments are being completed. Dr. Hockenberry is actively involved with manuscript preparation and data analysis and meets frequently with team members for these activities.

Involved Faculty: 
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