Winter 2016

Marion Broome
In This Issue
Welcome to the latest edition of the Nursing Leadership Exchange.  In this edition we share ways that we here at Duke University School of Nursing are broadening our strategies to meet the needs of both our campus- and distance-based students through innovative and creative teaching and learning methods. (Read more)

Professor working with studentsIntensives — A Critical Part of Distance-Based Education
As nurses seek to advance their education, distance-based education allows nursing students the flexibility to fulfill this desire from locations across the country, without leaving their families or jobs. However, how do you meet this need for students without depriving students of the benefits of personal connection, networking and preparedness for their new roles? The answer: on-campus intensives. (Read more)

Frank TitchA New Take on the Classroom: Team-based Learning
What is one way to ensure that students are absorbing three hours worth of information? Have them study the material before coming to class then come to class and take both individual and group exams. The flipped classroom isn’t a new model of teaching, but it’s becoming one that more educators are using. (Read more)

Student in simulationRobots Bridge the Gap for Distance-based Students
One nursing student’s desire to be able to “skype in” on a nursing education moment, sparked an idea with Duke University School of Nursing. Faculty and staff worked together to use telepresence robots as an instructional tool for high fidelity or "lifelike" clinical simulations. (Read more)

A Symbol of Nursing Education Quality — the National League for Nursing Designation
A symbol of quality, commitment and dedication – that’s what most people see when an institution or organization receives a designation. Schools of nursing also have an opportunity to showcase this same commitment to excellence with the National League for Nursing (NLN) Center of Excellence in Nursing Education designation. (Read more)

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