Trotter to Serve on Duke's Faculty Diversity Standing Committee

Kathy Trotter has accepted an invitation to serve on Duke University's Faculty Diversity Standing Committee (FDSC) for a three-year term, beginning September 1, 2014, through August 31, 2017. This committee is advisory to the Provost and was formed in fall 2003 to aid in the implementation of the Faculty Diversity Initiative (FDI). The committee reviews data pursuant to the goals of the FDI and provides feedback to the provost on progress and areas for attention.

The FDSC meets two to three times per semester to review Duke’s efforts to recruit and retain faculty from historically underrepresented groups, particularly faculty of color and women in the sciences, mathematics and engineering. Analyses of hiring efforts, mentoring initiatives, exit interviews and climate surveys are within the purview of this committee. The 2014-15 agenda of this committee will include a meeting with incoming provost Sally Kornbluth, planning for the 2015 Faculty Survey and interviewing each of the school deans regarding their efforts related to diversity.

Involved Faculty: 
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