Wu, McConnell, Corazzini and Lee Receive Bass Connections Grant to Study Community Care of Frail Elders in Cross-cultural Settings

Bei Wu and her colleagues Eleanor McConnell, Kirsten Corazzini, postdoc Kyung Hee Lee, Truls Ostbye, Joanna Maselko and Frank Sloan will be studying community care of frail elders in cross-cultural settings as part of a Bass Connections grant. This study will describe the formal and informal caregiving arrangements and needs of East Asian (Chinese) elders who are community-residing and experiencing cognitive or physical decline and to compare these needs with a sample of South Asian (Sri Lankan) elders. The objective of the overall program of research is to understand the unique caregiving arrangements and needs of East and South Asian families with elders who are experiencing cognitive or physical decline, for the purpose of developing interventions to support and optimize care of older adults, with attention to the interdisciplinary, socio-politico-economic context of care. Their project will develop an interdisciplinary curriculum to develop the health care workforce needed to provide long-term care in developing countries. The curriculum developed can be used for degree and non-degree programs at Duke Kunshan University and other academic settings in developing countries.

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