Yale Review of Undergraduate Research in Psychology to Publish Senior Thesis of Duke Undergrad Mentored by DUSON Faculty

Sharron Docherty and Marilyn Hockenberry co-authored a paper with Ida (Ki) Moore of the University of Arizona and Eric Emery, T'13, HDV'13, titled "Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: Treatment effects on neurocognitive function" that has been accepted for publication by the Yale Review of Undergraduate Research in Psychology. This annual publication selects the best and most original psychology research from undergraduates around the world. Emery, currently a Research Assistant at the National Institutes of Health, worked with Sharron Docherty for his research mentorship experience in the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 semesters on the Symptom Clusters Study (PI: Hockenberry). Every year several DUSON faculty members take on the mentorship of students in the Undergraduate Program in Human Development at Duke's Center for Aging and Human Development. Emery conducted a secondary analysis of data from a study on childhood leukemia and oxidative stress, cognitive changes and academic outcomes (PI: Ida (Ki) Moore (Univ of Arizona); Co-I: Hockenberry). The paper being published was Emery's senior thesis.

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