ABSN Applicant Financial Aid FAQs

What should I list as my grade level on the FAFSA application?
For students applying to the ABSN program, your FAFSA grade level is 5th year undergraduate and your FAFSA degree is 2nd Bachelor's degree.

I am applying to another program that is classified as a Master's program. How do I correct my FAFSA according to the instructions of the other school?
Log in to your FAFSA account, add all of the schools for a specific degree program (i.e. Master’s) and submit. Then go back into your FAFSA account, update the grade level and degree for the other programs (i.e. ABSN), remove the previously submitted schools, add the schools for the other degree program (i.e. ABSN) and re-submit.

I am 23 and I support myself. Can I become independent for financial aid purposes?
Federal guidelines determine whether you are considered independent or dependent for federal loan purposes. Please note that filing taxes independently and supporting yourself are NOT factors in determining your dependency status. Parent tax returns and other financial information is required for DUSON need-based scholarship consideration for all students born on or after January 1, 1988.

My parents do not support me financially and will not be contributing to the program. Do I still need to submit the parent information?
We require parent information for all students born on or after January 1, 1988, regardless of parental support or marital status, for DUSON need-based scholarship consideration. We understand that most students are financing the ABSN program themselves, but we do factor in family resources when determining how to allocate our limited institutional funds.

My parents are divorced. Do I need to submit information for both parents?
Yes, you will need to submit a CSS Profile for each parent and send all 2018 federal tax information for both parents to College Board's IDOC Service.

My parents' information is required on the FAFSA and CSS profile applications. By adding my parents' information, are they required to pay for tuition, fees, and books?
Although parental information may be required for the FAFSA application, it does not mean the parents are responsible for paying tuition, fees, or any other expense. The information is used to make a determination if you are eligible for need based loan funding and the DUSON Need Based Scholarship.

If I only want to be considered for federal loans, do I have to complete the CSS Profile application?
You do not have to complete the CSS Profile application if you only want to be considered for federal loans. If this is the case, please contact our office indicating this via email at son_finaid@dm.duke.edu.

I have no contact with one of my parents and can't get his/her information. What do I do?
You will need to complete a Noncustodial Waiver form and send in court documentation or a letter from a third party confirming the family situation. The letter can be from a religious leader, school counselor, therapist, etc. The letter cannot be from a family member. The Noncustodial Waiver form is available on the College Board's website, and the form and all supporting documentation must be uploaded to their IDOC service. Please email son_finaid@dm.duke.edu once the form and documentation have been uploaded. We will then review all of the information within two weeks to determine if the Noncustodial parent information can be waived.

What do I do if I have not received information regarding the IDOC service?
If it has been 3-5 days since you submitted the CSS Profile and you have not received information regarding the IDOC service, please send us an email: son_finaid@dm.duke.edu.

I am, or my parents are, having trouble completing the CSS Profile. Can you help me?
The College Board has a tutorial that assists with completing the CSS Profile and assisting with common questions or mistakes: https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/misc/css-profile/cssprofile-tutorial/index.html

My tax return does not reflect my current income. How should I report this?
If there has been an involuntary change in your or your spouse's/parents' financial circumstances, such as loss of employment, please email us at son_finaid@dm.duke.edu. We will determine what documentation is needed to help us make a decision. Please note that leaving your job to participate in a nursing program is not an extenuating circumstance that we can consider.

I have other extenuating circumstances that I wasn't able to indicate on the FAFSA or the DUSON Financial Aid application. How can I report this?
If you have high non-discretionary expenses, such as medical or daycare, please provide us with dollar-specific documentation of these expenses. Note that routine medical expenses are already factored in to the Cost of Attendance budget, so we are only able to consider expenses in excess of that allowance. We are NOT able to make adjustments for consumer or routine household expenses, such as credit card debt, car payments, rent/mortgage payments, etc.

I am an international student. What financial aid is available to me?
International students are not eligible for federal loans or Duke School of Nursing scholarships. International students may be able to borrow a private student loan with a U.S. cosigner. For more information regarding private student loan options, visit: : https://financialaid.duke.edu/loans/recommended-lenders-0#US.

Once admitted, how long will it take to receive information regarding financial aid eligibility?
Provided you have all the required documents submitted, financial aid offer notifications are emailed within two weeks after admittance.

How will I receive my financial aid offer notification?
Your financial aid offer notification will be emailed from son_finaid@dm.duke.edu. Please add this email address to your contacts. Check the spam or junk folder if you don't see the email in the inbox.

Do federal loans cover the cost of the program?
No, this program is considered an undergraduate program and the loans are capped each academic year. Dependent students are eligible for up to $7,500 per academic year and Independent students are eligible for up to $12,500 per academic year. Students who have no other resources will have to secure a student loan through a private lender.

What is the cost of the ABSN program?
Tuition and fees are posted on the Admissions website. For more information, visit: https://nursing.duke.edu/academic-programs/absn/absn-tuition-fees. Tuition and fees change each year.

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