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List of Student Organizations

Duke Chapter of the American Assembly for Men in Nursing (DAAMN)

This organization is an assembly of nurses and affiliates within the Duke University Health System (DUHS) who are interested in increasing the visibility and inclusion of men in nursing. DAAMN supports the mission of the American Assembly for Men in Nursing (AAMN) to influence policy, research, and education about men in nursing. Objectives include the following:

  • creating a network of people who desire to further the participation of men in all aspects of professional nursing practice within and beyond DUHS
  • providing formal and informal networking, mentorship, and leadership opportunities
  • supporting professional growth of men who are nursing students and licensed nurses
  • serving as role models of professional nursing through community outreach and service.

Membership is open to Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses, entry-level nursing students, and affiliates. Membership is unrestricted by consideration of age, color, creed, handicap, sexual orientation, lifestyle, nationality, race, religion, or gender.

President: Jacob Sandeufer

Duke Emergency Nursing Students (DENS)

The mission of Duke Emergency Nursing Students (DENS) is to function as a specialty nursing club for professional nursing students committed to advancing their knowledge of emergency nursing to best advocate for safety, philanthropy and education for the community of Durham in preparation to provide emergency nursing care.

Incoming President: Molly McDevitt
Incoming VP: Natalie Klein
Secretary: Dan Arthur
Treasurer: Marie Krider
Education Chair: Dani Rourke
Advocacy Chair: Hannah Fenn
Philanthropy Chair: Erin O’Brien
Social Chair: Suzanne Stranzl
Faculty Advisor: Margaret Carman

Duke Nursing Students Without Borders

The mission of the Duke Nursing Students Without Borders organization is to promote health empowerment through volunteer efforts in education, hands-on patient care, building networks to access health care resources as well as distributing collected materials to local, regional and international communities. In addition, by creating opportunities to give, learn and connect, Nursing Students Without Borders aims to expand the perspectives and experiences of current nursing students and alumni.

Co-President: Kelsey Renning
Co-President: Chelsea Mixson
Treasurer: Kyle Troupe
Secretary: Erin Luebbehusen
Local Initiatives Coordinator: Melissa Lawson
Global Initiatives Coordinator: Megan Hunter
Development Coordinator: Naomi Millette
Volunteer Coordinator: Kelly Corwith
Faculty Advisor: Irene Felsman

Duke University School of Nursing Student Council

The Duke University School of Nursing Student Council is comprised of elected officers and class representatives. The sole purpose of the Student Council is to serve the students’ educational and professional needs and provide a formal structure for student participation in a wide variety of events within the School. The organization is the governing body of the students of the School and a source of information of importance to students. Activities conducted by the organization include the following:

  • submitting information to the student listserv covering local events and opportunities of interest to students
  • cosponsoring events at Duke with other organizations (i.e., Duke University and Medical Center organizations, the local chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, and the DUSON Alumni Association)

The Student Council positively affects students’ educational experience by increasing awareness of resources and student services, encouraging student involvement in DUSON activities, and sponsoring events throughout the school year, including alumni and student socials, service projects, and career planning events. Contact us at

President: Rachel Morris
Vice-president: Stirling Smith
Secretary: Kristin Wainwright
Treasurer: Jennifer Hinkle
Service Chair: Jennifer Weill
Social Chair: Mariah Oakes
Fundraising Chair: Lindsay Hudson
PhD Representative: Brittney Sullivan
DNP Representative: Lauren O'Neil
MSN Representative: Barbara Hall
ABSN Spring 2014 Representative: Dani O'Rourke
ABSN Fall 2014 Representative: Sarah Shain
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Anne Derouin

DUSON Spectrum

The mission of DUSON Spectrum is to assist the Duke University School of Nursing in meeting its goals addressed in the DUSON Mission Statement. This organization is committed to the advancement of the health of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other individuals of minority status through the practice of nursing advocacy. DUSON Spectrum will encourage its members to be socially-aware, active, and responsible Duke citizens who reflect the DUSON Spectrum mission proudly in their nursing practice.

President: Nicole Forlan
Secretary: Jasmine Alexis
Treasurer: Jennifer Hinkle
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Relf

Fusion: Multicultural Nursing Student Association

Fusion is a multicultural student organization whose goal is to increase diversity awareness within the school of nursing and throughout the Durham community and to foster an environment that is inclusive of all groups of diversity. FUSION will provide the opportunity to obtain knowledge and understanding that will assist in the ability to provide culturally competent care to diverse populations in diverse situations and environments within the field of nursing. Fusion will encourage its members to be socially-aware, active and responsible Duke citizens who reflect the Fusion mission proudly in their nursing practice.

President: Jasmine Alexis
Vice President: Courtney Ramsey
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Cary

Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC)

The Graduate and Professional Student Council of Duke University (GPSC – pronounced “G.P.S.C.”) is the umbrella student government organization for Duke’s nine graduate and professional schools. Our purpose is to:

  • represent and advocate on behalf of graduate and professional students at Duke University;
  • serve as a liaison among the student governments of the graduate and professional schools of the University;
  • serve as a liaison between graduate and professional students and the University Administration;
  • nominate graduate and professional student representatives to University committees;
  • program events of interest to the graduate and professional student community; and
  • financially support the programming of graduate and professional student groups.

National Student Nurses Association - Duke Chapter (DUSON SNA)

The Duke University School of Nursing Student Nurses Association (DUSON SNA) is the Duke chapter of the National Student Nurses Association and the North Carolina Association of Nursing Students. The organization serves several purposes:

  • assumes responsibility for contributing to nursing education in order to provide for the highest quality of health care
  • provides programs representative of fundamental interests and concerns to nursing students
  • aids in the development of the whole person, his/her professional role, and his/her responsibility for health care of people in all walks of life

The functions of the DUSON SNA include the following:

  • providing direct input into standards of nursing education and influencing the education process
  • influencing health care, nursing education, and practice through legislative activities as appropriate
  • representing nursing students to the consumer, to institutions, and to other organizations.

The organization also promotes and encourages many activities:

  • student participation in community affairs and interdisciplinary activities involving health care and the resolution of related social issues
  • recruitment efforts and participation in student activities and educational opportunities regardless of a person’s race, color, creed, sex, lifestyle, national origin, age, or economic status
  • collaborative relationships with nursing and health-related organizations.

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President: Jessica Pike
Vice President: Suzanne Frisbee
Secretary: Erin Winter
Treasurer: Jenn McCue
Volunteer Coordinator: Paige Weber
Education-Legislation Chair: Kristin Fields
Faculty Advisor: Margaret Carman
Faculty Advisor: Margie Molloy

The Nightingales

DUSON's a cappella group made up of faculty and students who love to sing and have fun together. Music is great self-care for those singing and hearing it, so we love to be able to use our gifts outside the classroom/lab/clinic/office to bring joy to ourselves and others.

Senior Director: Maia Plesent
Junior Director: Liz Watts
Treasurer: To be elected
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jane Blood-Siegfried

Nurses Christian Fellowship

Nurses Christian Fellowship is intended to be an interdenominational Christian fellowship club for nursing students at all levels. We intend to meet weekly for Bible study, fellowship, prayer, and service oriented activities. Our general aim in doing so is to create friendship with each other and to share ideas about how our Christian values might have a positive impact upon our role as developing nurses.

President: Megan Zwetsloot
Treasurer: Jon Sorenson
Advisor: Jed Poston

Sigma Theta Tau – Beta Epsilon Chapter

The Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing is dedicated to improving the health of people worldwide through increasing the scientific base of nursing practice. Its members are nursing scholars committed to the pursuit of excellence in clinical practice, education, research, and leadership. The Society believes that broadening the base of nursing knowledge through knowledge development, dissemination, and use offers great promise for promoting a healthier populace.

For students meeting eligibility requirements, invitations to join the Beta Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau are distributed during the fall semester.

Women's Health Organization

A specialty-nursing club for professional nursing students committed to advancing their knowledge of women's health, believing that preventative and educational care is essential to lifelong health and that all women deserve excellent care.

President: Katelyn Cioffi
Advisor: Barbara Hotelling