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Curriculum and Course Faculty

Part of the curriculum requirements is a DNP project, which is a scholarly project, four semesters in length, designed to address a practice issue affecting groups of patients, health care organizations or health care systems.

Sample Matriculation Plans

Course Faculty

Listed below are faculty who customarily teach DNP (or 900-level) courses.

N960 Evidence-Based Practice I: Dr. Hockenberry, Dr. Rodgers and Dr. Yap
N961 Evidence-Based Practice II: Dr. Stevenson and Dr. Yap
N962 Transforming the Nation's Health: Dr. Short and Dr. Simmons
N963 Data-Driven Health Care Improvements: Dr. Richesson
N964 Effective Leadership: Dr. Merwin
N965 Transformation of Health Care Systems: Dr. Short
N966 Quantitative Methods: Dr. Pan, Dr. Silva and Dr. Yang
Project: Varies based on topic area

A complete list of faculty can be found in our faculty directory.

Course Videos

Listen to faculty describe the DNP courses they teach.