DUSON Scholarships

Merit Scholarship

All Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 MSN applicants are considered for the merit scholarship. All newly admitted students are considered for the merit scholarship through their Admission application. One $36,000 scholarship is awarded per cohort (fall 2022, spring 2023) toward tuition ($6,000 per semester for six semesters). Students must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States to be eligible for consideration.

The purpose of this scholarship program is to provide tuition assistance to outstanding individuals who demonstrate academic achievement, creativity and innovation, exceptional communication skills, and the potential for significant leadership in professional endeavors.

Students who receive our Merit Scholarship must remain in good academic standing throughout their program of study and, in collaboration with their Program Assistant Dean, contribute to the school in substantive ways.

NC Community College Faculty Scholarship

Newly enrolled Master’s in Nursing Education students who are faculty at a North Carolina community college are eligible to receive the NC Community College Faculty Scholarship. This scholarship, funded by the Duke University School of Nursing, covers 15 percent of the tuition for the MSN-Nursing Education specialty program. Scholarships will be awarded to new students who meet the eligibility requirements.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a faculty member at a North Carolina community college

  • Must be accepted into the MSN-Nursing Education academic program

  • Must begin the program in the 2022-23 academic year

No separate application is required for this scholarship.

Active-Duty Military Scholarship

The Duke University School of Nursing supports active duty military students with tuition expenses through a special scholarship program. The scholarship is offered on a first-come/first-served funds-available basis. Only students who have been admitted to an MSN or DNP program are eligible for DUSON’s military scholarship; ABSN and MSN Certificate students are not eligible to apply.

To apply: In addition to completing the online application for admission, interested students must complete and submit the military scholarship form to the Office of Admissions.

For students under military orders to attend school:

DUSON will accept the maximum funding provided by the military branch for students selected by the military to attend school under Corps specific civilian education programs (i.e. Duty Under Instruction/DUINS) and will award a scholarship to fund the difference between the maximum funding provided by the military and the required tuition and fees for the degree program.

For active-duty military personnel returning to school not under military orders:

Students will be responsible for the first $15,000/year of required tuition and fees and may use any available military/veteran tuition benefits toward this requirement. DUSON will provide a scholarship to cover required tuition and fees in excess of $15,000/year. If the student’s annual military tuition assistance benefit exceeds $15,000, the DUSON scholarship will equal the difference between the required tuition and fees for the degree program and the student’s annual military tuition and fees benefit.

For example: The student is eligible for a military tuition benefit of $250 per credit hour, taking 18 credit hours in a given year. That $4,500 tuition benefit would be applied toward the annual $15,000 that the student is responsible for paying. The student would then be responsible for funding the remaining $10,500. Any additional required tuition and fees above the $15,000 annually would be funded by DUSON military scholarship.

Visit this page to learn more about options for military students.

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