Communities of Practice


Coach and Inspire students to learn and apply practical knowledge


Work closely with peers, students, and Duke faculty in a variety of clinical environments


Support your community to meet the needs of a changing healthcare system

As a Duke Preceptor you can share your expertise and talents to help mentor current NP students by providing real-world learning opportunities within your practice. You will be working some of the best and the brightest nursing students who are eager to learn from engaged, caring health care professionals. They need your help in learning about obtaining subjective data, completing a physical exam, obtaining objective data, and determining diagnoses!

Continue to learn from the experts with CoP modules.
Access top notch, industry-leading content to keep learning and enhancing your skills and knowledge.


Eligible for nomination to become an Adjunct/Clinical/Consulting Faculty at Duke University School of Nursing

Access to many information systems and tools such as, and the Duke University Library System

Iris Padilla
From The Faculty...
Our online Communities of Practice (CoP) provides a platform for collaborative learning, engagement, and building relationship with our community/clinical partners. CoP is unique from other social groups as it provides an organizational structure that facilitates learning. Members of the learning community share common interests and goals, fostering change, accommodation, diversity, mutual respect and teamwork.
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