Donald (Chip) Bailey Jr.

ADAPT Center Develops Nursing Scientists of the Future

Since its beginning in 2012, the Duke University School of Nursing ADAPT Center has been promoting innovative research focused on managing and minimizing changes in cognition and emotional symptom responses to chronic illness. And with more than 70 investigators from a variety of disciplines and centers, the Center is taking its efforts to the next level with new leadership, a focus on measures and methods and new initiatives.

Research Announcements: Week of November 9

  • Center for Nursing Research
    • Good News! Smith Application for Pfizer
      • Kudos to Sophia Smith and her entire team for the submission of their Pfizer Independent Investigator application entitled "Reimagine End of Life: An Online, Personalized Coping and Decision Aid for Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients and Providers." This proposal requests funding for a two-year period with a start date of January 1, 2016. 
    • Good News! Lipkus Application for Multi-PI-DCI

Oncology Nursing Month: Educating Students to Lead Every Step of the Way

We’ve all seen the Facebook or YouTube video of a person who has just completed cancer treatment and is overcome with joy, ringing the bell and sounding the alarm that treatment is done. What often moves us, in addition to the patient’s celebration, are the joyful and sometimes tearful faces of the oncology nurses.

Oncology nurses are at the forefront of cancer care every step of the way – in explaining the diagnosis, administering treatments, managing side effects, supporting patients and their families, rejoicing during triumphs and offering words of comfort.

Older American Month: Blazing the Trail through Partnership

The month of May isn’t just about recognizing mothers and nurses. It is also designated as Older Americans Month. This is a time to acknowledge the perennial contributions of older adults to our nation. This year’s theme is “Blaze a Trail,” which hopes to raise awareness on important issues facing older adults such as civic engagement, finances and wellness. For more than 50 years, Duke University School of Nursing (DUSON) has been committed to advancing health and wellness for older adults.

Research Announcements: Good News!

From the Center for Nursing Research...

Good News! Bailey and McClintock Application Submission

  • Kudos to Chip Bailey and Shawn McClintock with University of Texas Southwestern and their entire team for their Multi-PI, NIH R21 application entitled “Preparing Carepartner Adaptive Strategies for Health (PREPARE)." This proposal requests funding for a two-year period with a start date of April 1, 2017.

Faculty, MSN and PhD Alumni & PhD and ABSN Students Present at CANS Conference in the Nation's Capital

More than 12 faculty and staff members, and several PhD alumni and students presented at the 2016 State of the Science Congress on Nursing Research presented by the Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science (CANS) in Washington, D.C. This year's event focused on Determinants of Health and their implications for nursing science and health policy.

The following faculty, staff and PhD alumni and students presented at the conference:

Faculty, PhD Students & Staff Present at GSA Annual Meeting in New Orleans

More than 14 faculty, staff and PhD students presented at the 2016 Gerontological Society of American (GSA) Annual Scientific Meeting in New Orleans, LA. According to GSA, more than 3,600 international experts attended thr premier gathering of gerontologists from both the United States and around the world. Attendees participated in over 450 scientific sessions including symposia, paper and poster presentations.

The following faculty, staff and PhD students presented at the conference:

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