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Direct Observation and IPE Clinic

Hours: Mondays - Thursdays: 5:15 pm - 9:15 pm
Location: Adjacent to Duke Hospital Emergency Room

Hands on evening clinical experiences for Duke Health Profession students!
Beginning September 2023 through May 2024, time slots available Mon – Thurs 5:15 pm - 9:15 pm

Watch this space for sign up!!

Interprofessional Elective Courses

Course: Interprofessional Care of the Critically Ill Adult Patient: NURSING 488
Available: Fall 2023 and Spring 2024
Link: https://nursing.bulletins.duke.edu/courses/0275731

Description: This course focuses on collaborative management of critically ill adult patients.
Students will have the opportunity to learn, from, about and with students and experts in multiple health professions. This course focuses on team dynamics, self-awareness and utilizing a team-based approach and application of evidence-based practice, knowledge and advanced skill acquisition needed to care for critically ill patients across the continuum of care.

Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor
Credits: 3

Course: Moral Moments in Medicine: Pandemics, Race, Social Justice: INTERDIS 111B
Available: Fall 2023 and Spring 2024
Link: https://medicine.bulletins.duke.edu/courses/0272361

Description: This Interprofessional MS1 elective will bring the resources of the medical humanities and ethics to bear on the twin pandemics of COVID-19 and systemic racism. All students will participate in one of several monthly evening small groups led by 1-2 faculty. Some will focus on historical and contemporary narratives related to epidemics. Others will be more experiential; for example, students could complete a scholarly or creative project with oral history, documentary photography, or another form of artistic expression. Hours can also be earned through Trent Center events open to all MS1 students, such as interest groups in ethics and history of medicine; or book clubs/film discussions related to the course themes. Students who complete at least 20 elective hours from these activities will receive a notation on their transcript.

Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor
Completion: Notation on Transcript

Course: Understanding Sickle Cell Disease: A Biopsychosocial Approach: NURSING 569
Available: Spring 2024
Link: https://nursing.bulletins.duke.edu/courses/0237841

Description: This course provides students with an overview of sickle cell disease, including its genetics, epidemiology, pathophysiology, medical complications, psychosocial challenges, and health service utilization from a global perspective. Students will engage in an exploration of the role of discrimination and stigmatization as they affect people with sickle cell disease, as well as differences in how the disease is viewed and managed in various countries.

Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor
Credits: 3

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