Lem Scott

ABSN Student
Lem Scott

I first became interested in human anatomy while in a military school where we were required to understand how the human body works through the interconnected systems. We had to understand immunizations, sanitation and various illnesses. My interest in anatomy ultimately led to my interest in nursing.

After leaving a career in the military spanning 13 years and later a career in business spanning eight years, I decided it was time to pursue my passion and start my nursing career. I was drawn to nursing because of the potential to impact a patient’s life positively, the patient contact time and the flexibility of the profession.

Living in Raleigh, choosing a nursing school close to home was important to my family and I. I wanted to attend Duke University School of Nursing initially because of the prestige and reputation that the school holds, but the moment I stepped on campus, I really felt this is where I should be.

I really felt welcome from day one. The faculty take time to address our needs and explain concepts in multiple ways to address different styles of learning. I have learned about taking care of and concentrating on the person and not just a disease process.

I feel that DUSON has prepared me for my future in nursing from the feedback during clinical and shadow opportunities. I’ve learned that in nursing, I can make a difference, whether that be at the bedside, with a community or with a population through policy change.

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