Attention Faculty & Staff: Help Needed for Sakai 101 Module

Laura Fogle with the DUSON Course Design Team is developing an online, self-paced “Sakai 101” module. The design will be modular, with a series of practical, task-centered topics and flexible navigation. While the module will be available to anyone, it will be especially helpful to new faculty and staff.

The CDT would like to extend an invitation to give feedback on the preliminary design of the module. If you have have 5 – 10 minutes to review a topic, please follow this link: and click “Yes” when prompted to join the site. Select the link that says, “Start here,” then choose any topic you would like to provide feedback on. You will be able to access the material related to that topic. After you have completed reviewing the topic, please complete the brief feedback form at All input is welcome and will help the CDT insure that the module meets the needs of new faculty and staff.

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