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Center for Nursing Research: Students Working on Faculty Research Projects

Friday, May 19, 2017

The policy in the IRB was recently change to recognize our ABSN students as graduate students since they all have previous degrees.  Remember that all of our students are considered graduate students and you only need to do the below procedures to allow them to work on your studies:

Our IRB policy that support this is found here:

  1. Graduate students may be added as key personnel to research protocols without additional approvals, however the IRB and CRU may impose restrictions on the specific roles of graduate students in research. All students including ABSN students at DUSON are considered graduate students.
  2. Graduate students are limited to conducting supervised clinical research activities that would normally be permitted as part of their clinical training. 
  3. All graduate students on research teams must be adults (18 yrs. or older). 
  4. All graduate students must complete the same CITI modules as all other Duke researchers.  Click here for the CITI web site.  Be sure to affiliate with “Duke Health” on the CITI web site. 
  5. A personnel change adding the graduate student to key personnel must be submitted in eIRB. The individual’s role should be indicated as “Graduate Student.”


Marilyn Hockenberry PhD, RN-PPCNP-BC, FAAN
Bessie Baker Professor of Nursing, Professor of Pediatrics
Associate Dean for Research Affairs
Duke University School of Nursing
Chair, Duke Institutional Review Board
Durham, NC