Derouin and Stevenson Publish Article in the Journal of Pediatric Health Care

Anne Derouin, associate professor; and Eleanor Stevenson, associate professor; recently published an article entitled "Adolescent Infertility: A Case Report" in the Journal of Pediatric Health Care.

Reproductive health for teens has primarily focused on preventing or delaying pregnancies (and sexually transmitted infections [STIs]) rather than treating infertility. There continues to be millions of teen pregnancies per year (Martin, Hamilton, Osterman, Curtin, & Mathews, 2015), many intended by females and/or their partners, especially in developing countries where adolescent parenting is commonplace to the cultural norms (Haimov-Kochman, Imbar, Farchat, Bdolah, & Hurwitz, 2008). In the United States, there is evidence in media reports (e.g., the Massachusetts pregnancy pact [Kingsbury, 2008] and the reality TV program Teen Mom) and in the medical literature that some adolescents consider pregnancy desirable. Crosby et al. (2001) found that 21% of their nonpregnant adolescent participants wanted to become pregnant. What is less clear in the literature and among many clinicians is how to properly manage an adolescent seeking health care when unsuccessful in achieving a desired pregnancy.

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