Docherty Receives Duke Palliative Care Pilot Award

Kudos to Sharron Docherty for her Duke Palliative Care Pilot award entitled "Development of a Pediatric Critical Care Needs-Targeted, Collaborative Palliative Care Delivery Model." This award is for a one-year period with a start date of Jan. 1, 2018. This RFA sought proposals focused on interventions in communication and decision-making and were to include clinical-researcher collaborations. There were a total of 19 applications and three were selected for funding.

Design Overview:

A descriptive design will be used to classify child and family palliative care needs into need typologies that will be used as the basis for the development of a provisional model of collaborative PICU-based palliative care delivery that will then undergo expert acceptability testing and iterative enhancement.  

Aim 1.  Characterize child and family palliative care needs (types, severity) as reported by parents and PICU clinical care team to derive clinically relevant ‘need typologies’.

Aim 2:  Develop a PICU needs-targeted, collaborative, palliative care delivery model. 

Involved Faculty: 
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