Duke Offers Resources for Data Management Planning

Data is the foundation of scientific discovery and how we manage, store, govern and share it is essential for upholding scientific integrity.

Data management is a hot topic at many federal agencies including NIH and NSF. AHRQ published a notice on May 26, 2020, regarding its new policy requiring applicants to include a DMP at the proposal stage. Duke offers library guides for data management policies.

Duke’s Office of Scientific Integrity compiled a DMP Guidance Document designed to help researchers develop a DMP for their research group. It outlines specific considerations, best practices and links to helpful resources. In addition, Duke pays for DMPTool.org, a software tool that provides a Duke Template for writing a DMP. One can directly print the document or save it as a Word doc or PDF. You can come back and edit your plan at any time or share with others. For more information, visit the Office of Scientific Integrity's website.      


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