Duke Releases New Foreign Components Tab in University SPS

International collaborations in research and education are vital to our work in advancing Duke’s mission. Due to a number of threats identified in 2018 related to foreign influence and diversion of intellectual property, many federal agencies such as NIH, NSF and DOD have increased scrutiny on reporting requirements.

On June 21, 2020, Duke launched a new International Activities Tab in SPS. The purpose of this new tab is to consolidate existing international questions related to sponsored project proposals while adding further questions to assist with internal processing and requiring the necessary sponsor justifications. The information captured will populate the grant application record in grants.duke.edu for proposals being submitted to federal agencies.

When working with your Pre-Award Liaison (PAL) on grant submissions, please be prepared to answer questions about collaborations with investigators at a foreign site anticipated to result in co-authorship, use of facilities or instrumentation at a foreign site, or receipt of financial support or resources (e.g. compensated personnel or materials of financial value) from a foreign entity.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth presentation regarding foreign component reporting requirements, including how you should report in your Other Support section.


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