Duke Widget Helps Locate Funding Opportunities

Duke offers a robust and supportive infrastructure to help faculty members, postdocs and students find funding opportunities. In addition to the many funding announcement listservs and newsletters, you can customize your myResearchHome web page to search for funding opportunities relevant to your research portfolio. The widget offers the ability to sort by deadline or by newest, has filters for career stage, academic discipline and funding agency, and allows you to use keywords to do an advanced search.

Tip: When in your individual profile, click on the "Funding" tab. From there, add keywords that describe your research, eligibility criteria you meet, and categories of funding opportunities and funding agencies in which you have interest. This will help increase the relevancy of funding opportunities that display in your myFundingOpportunities widget.

For more questions, contact Christin Daniels, senior director of research development and operations, at christin.daniels@duke.edu or Jane Halpin, associate director of pre-award research administration, at jane.halpin@duke.edu.


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