DUSON Honors Our Military Veterans


On this Veterans Day, Duke University School of Nursing salutes the many members of our community who have served our country, whether on active duty, National Guard or reserve.

From its participation in the Cadet Nurse Corps in WWII to its proud modern-day record of training military veterans for nursing careers, DUSON has a long history of welcoming members of the United States Armed Forces into our ranks.

That commitment begins at the top: Marion E. Broome, PhD, RN, FAAN, Dean and Ruby Wilson Professor of Nursing; Vice Chancellor for Nursing Affairs for Duke University; and Associate vice president for Academic Affairs for Nursing for Duke University Health System, served for 21 years in the Army Nurse Corps, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

“Serving in the military taught me that the best leaders ‘talk and walk’ the fine line of stewarding and nurturing those they work with while inspiring and supporting others to give their best that will contribute to the mission,” said Dean Broome.

DUSON has established Military Programs to ensure that military students have everything they need to succeed, from special schedule accommodations to generous scholarships. Additionally, Duke’s MSN program features a veterans health care concentration, where students learn about the specific needs of military veterans and receive clinical experience at the Durham VA Medical Center.

And beginning this year, DUSON will partner with the Cohen Veterans Network to place Duke Psychiatric - Mental Health Nurse Practitioner students at CVN military family clinics. “This project will allow us to work with CVN professionals to continuously monitor and evaluate these students as they progress in their education and help to expand first-class mental health care to underserved populations and to veterans and their families,” said project director Sean Convoy, DNP, PMHNP-BC, an assistant professor at DUSON.    

This cause is personal for Convoy, a 22-year Navy veteran who served as a mental health counselor to Army units in Iraq. Through his work at DUSON, he is helping to prepare the next generation of nurses to assess and treat the many veterans who need their support.

Below is a list of some of the many DUSON faculty, staff, students and alumni who have served (pictured above: Assistant Professor Christian Falyar, Associate Professor Chris Muckler, Dean Marion Broome, and Assistant Professor Sean Convoy). We thank them for making the selfless choice to serve their nation and their patients.


  •  Dean Marion E. Broome, U.S. Army

  •  Barbara Turner, U.S. Army

  •  Brigit Carter, U.S. Navy

  •  Chris Muckler, U.S. Air Force

  •  Christian Falyar, U.S Air Force

  •  Deirdre Thornlow, U.S. Army

  •  Michael Zychowicz, U.S. Army

  •  Sean Convoy, U.S. Navy

  •  (Emeritus) Chuck Vacchiano, U.S. Navy

  •  (Emeritus) Frank Titch, U.S. Air Force


  •  Dana Convoy, U.S. Navy

  •  Denise Williams, U.S. Army

  •  Felicia Jenkins, U.S. Army

  •  Maggie McDonough, U.S. Navy

  •  Tiffiany Parker, U.S. Air Force


  •  Amy Badillo, U.S. Air Force

  •  Amy Schrack, U.S. Navy

  •  Angelica Romasko, U.S. Navy

  •  Aymie Feeney, U.S. Marine

  •  Brandi Gibson, U.S. Navy

  •  Connor Murray, U.S. Navy

  •  David Rider, U.S. Army

  •  Delora Prange, U.S. Air Force

  •  Dennise Hebron, U.S. Air Force

  •  Edward Stene, U.S. Army

  •  Elanie Mamaril, U.S. Navy

  •  Eugene Mamaril, U.S. Navy

  •  Francisco Diaz, U.S. Marine

  •  Heather Shattuck, U.S. Navy

  •  Jean Fisak, U.S. Navy

  •  Jennifer Pryde, U.S. Air Force

  •  Jessica Swartz, U.S. Army

  •  Jill Bloomer, U.S. Army

  •  Julia Wallace, U.S. Navy

  •  Kate Feeley-Lynch, U.S. Army

  •  Kimberly Siniscalchi, U.S. Air Force

  •  Kirsten Strzok, U.S. Navy

  •  Krista Owens, U.S. Army

  •  Kristi Lawson, U.S. Navy

  •  Kristin Morgan, U.S. Air Force

  •  Launiece Newton, U.S. Army

  •  Lena Brokob, U.S. Marine

  •  Liz Mizell, U.S. Army

  •  Matthew Turnbull, U.S. Army

  •  Rebekah Jordan, U.S. Navy

  •  Rose Layman, U.S. Air Force

  •  Stacy Carr, U.S. Air Force

  •  Stacy Wise, U.S. Navy

  •  Stephanie Edwards-Latchu, U.S. Army

  •  Stephen Scott, U.S. Marine

  •  Sydney Gailor, U.S. Army

  •  Teisha St. Rose, U.S. Air Force

  •  Vanessa Curlee, U.S. Army

  •  Wendy Pelton, U.S. Air Force

  •  Yani Dilag, U.S. Air Force


  •  Aisha Allen, U.S. Air Force

  •  Anna Schwarz, U.S. Navy

  •  Bobby Bradford, U.S. Navy

  •  Calithea Sheppard, U.S. Navy

  •  Catharyn Nosek, U.S. Navy

  •  Chantel Charais, U.S. Navy

  •  Chelsea Statler, U.S. Army

  •  Chip LeDuff, U.S. Navy

  •  Desirae Pierce, U.S. Navy

  •  Desiree Fouard, U.S. Air Force

  •  Elizabeth C. Harrell, U.S. Air Force

  •  Ginger Ward-Presson, U.S. Navy

  •  Hollie Seward, U.S. Navy

  •  Ian Ryan, U.S. Navy

  •  Janine Hammond, U.S. Air Force

  •  Jen Tran, U.S. Navy

  •  Jennifer Wertz, U.S. Army

  •  Jequie Dixon, U.S. Air Force

  •  Jessica Auzenne-Harris, U.S. Navy

  •  Jim Reed, U.S. Army

  •  John D. Arce, U.S. Navy

  •  Karalee Collins, U.S. Marine

  •  Kathleen Stefanich, U.S. Air Force

  •  Keli Amparan, U.S. Air Force

  •  Kristina Bombard, U.S. Army

  •  Lashanda Cobbs, U.S. Army

  •  Leigh Montejo, U.S. Marine

  •  Lilly Hull, U.S. Navy

  •  Lindsey Carlson, U.S. Army

  •  Lisa McIver, U.S. Air Force

  •  Lydia Nefedov, U.S. Air Force

  •  Lyn Martin, U.S. Air Force

  •  Mark Thomas, U.S. Navy

  •  Matthew Rogers, U.S. Army

  •  Melissa Peterson, U.S. Navy

  •  Michael Neal, U.S. Army

  •  Nick Bosiak, U.S. Air Force

  •  Sandra Bobba, U.S. Navy

  •  Sara Szymczak, U.S. Army

  •  Sarah Coughlin, U. S. Navy

  •  Stephania Parsons, U.S. Marine

  •  Susan B. Clapp, U.S. Air Force

  •  Tamara Link, U.S. Air Force

  •  Tiffany Harriman, U.S. Navy

  •  Wendy Chandler, U.S. Army

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