DUSON/OGACHI Welcomes Visiting Scholar Yang

DUSON and OGACHI welcomes international visiting scholar, Yuanyuan Yang, MSN, senior lecturer at Peking University School of Nursing in Beijing, China. Yang will have a one-year mentored and professional development experience working under the guidance of Debra Brandon.

During her time, Yang will:

  1. Learn research skills by participating in scientific seminars, forums and other academic activities; and undertake some research tasks.
  2. On the condition of approval, participate in the following courses:
    1. N396-Nursing Care of Infants, Children and Adolescents
    2. N630-Infant, Child and Adolescent Advance d Development and Behavioral Health
    3. N909-Intervention Research Methods in Health Care
  3. Introduce research projects to our school and explore feasible cooperative research programs.
  4. Learn clinical skills in the fields of neonatal nursing via clinical observation experience at DUHS and in the community if approved.
  5. Understand the curriculum provision, teaching idea and approach, especially courses specific to child health care. If possible, observe the process of course preparation and evaluation of students’ performance.

Yang is located in Clipp 1008 and can be reached at yy209@duke.edu.

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