Faculty, PhD Students & Staff Present at GSA Annual Meeting in New Orleans

More than 14 faculty, staff and PhD students presented at the 2016 Gerontological Society of American (GSA) Annual Scientific Meeting in New Orleans, LA. According to GSA, more than 3,600 international experts attended thr premier gathering of gerontologists from both the United States and around the world. Attendees participated in over 450 scientific sessions including symposia, paper and poster presentations.

The following faculty, staff and PhD students presented at the conference:

  • PhD student Shaoqing Ge and faculty member Donald "Chip" Bailey presented on "Acculturation and Oral Health Symptoms Among Older Chinese Immigrants." Other presenters include Drs. Bei Wu for New York University and Xinqi Dong for Rush University Medical Center.
  • Ge also presented on "Social support, Social Strain and Cognition Among the U.S. Chinese Older Adults" along with Wu and Dong.
  • Faculty members Kirsten Corazzini and Eleanor McConnell,  Postdoctoral Fellow Kezia Scales, PhD students Yuting Song and Bada Kang presented on "Directors of Nursing, Adaptive Leadership, and Person-Directed Assessment and Care Planning." Other presenters include Drs. Ruth Anderson for UNC Chapel Hill, Julienne Meyer for City University, and Michael Lepore for RTI International.
  • PhD students Zhao Ni and Latefa Dardas, and faculy member Ryan Shaw presented on "Medication Adherence Among Patients with Coronary Heart Disease in China: A Systematic Review." Other presenters include Dr. Wu.
  • Scales, Corazzini, McConnell, and Song presented on "Person-Directed Care Planning in Nursing Homes: Multiple Perspectives on Cultural Transformation" and "Person-Directed Care Planning in Nursing Homes: Stakeholder Insight on Policy Implementation." Other presenters include Anderson, Kristie Porter and Trini Thach and Lepore for RTI International.
  • PhD students Jing WangHanzhang XuSong, and faculty members Corazzini and McConnell presented on "Living with cognitive impairment: Perspectives from community-dwelling individuals with cognitive impairment and their caregivers in China." Other presenters include Dr. Wu.
  • Xu, faculty and faculty Wei Pan presented on "Validating a Measure of Beliefs in Health Prevention Screenings Among Old Adults in China." Other presenters include Drs. Pauline Straughan for National University of Singapore, Zhihong Zhen for Shanghai University and Wu.
  • Xu presented on "Edentulism and Cognitive Function Among Middle-Aged and Older Adults: A Cross-National Study" along with Drs. Kyung Hee Lee for Yonsei University and Wu.
  • Xu presented on "Association Between Migration and Cognitive Status: A Systematic Review" along with Yinan Zhang for Peking University.
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