FAQs about Returning to Campus for Start of the Spring 2022 Semester

FAQs about Returning to Campus for Start of the Spring 2022 Semester

FAQs for DUSON Students Return to Campus for Spring 2022

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Last Updated 5:11 p.m., January 20, 2022

Note: As of Thursday, January 20, we ask you refer to our COVID-19 resources page for the most up-to-date information.

Duke University School of Nursing is halting in-person didactic classes until January 18, concurrent with university guidance. As essential health care workers, nurses will continue their labs and clinicals prior to January 18. Thus, the school is continuing labs and clinicals beginning January 5, although students must meet the testing protocols noted below to resume activity on campus.

  1. For testing, do we have to test prior to coming back to Durham or just prior to coming back on campus? 
    • Based on the information available at this time, the University requires a negative PCR test taken about 48 hours prior to being allowed to come to campus 
    • You will need to attest to receiving a negative COVID PCR test. The University will send additional information to all students on how to complete the attestation. 
  2. Who’s paying for the PCR test within 48 hours of coming to campus?
    • Students are responsible for testing. Many places offer free testing, or testing may be covered by insurance. 
  3. In some places, it has been challenging to get tested at an affordable price/within the required time frame due to the lines. Is it possible to get tested in Durham rather than prior to returning? 
    • The University requires testing with a negative PCR test 48 hours prior to coming to campus.
    • There is no requirement regarding where the testing takes place.
  4. How do these protocols affect those who are abroad? 
    • The same requirements apply to all students to promote health and safety for the Duke community and our patients. 
  5. Are we required to book an appointment with a provider, or are we going to receive a testing kit in the mail? The University email says a “certified” provider. What does that mean?
    • Per the University, the only PCR tests that are allowed are those performed through a professional/governmental site. This should include tests offered at community locations, including health departments; primary care offices; private businesses such as CVS, Walgreens, LHI, etc.) Per the University guidance, home testing kits do not meet the requirements.
  6. For those who are not in Durham and require a PCR test prior to boarding their flights (whether international or interstate flights), will those be accepted, or will they still need an additional PCR test? 
    • Based on the information available at this time, the University requires a negative PCR test within 48 hours of coming to Duke’s campus. They do not specify requirements for testing location or timing proximate to flights.
  7. What do we do if we are unable to obtain a PCR test within 48 hours of our required testing day on Monday, January 3?
    • Per the University, all students must have a negative PCR test prior to returning to campus and negative Duke entry test to resume university activities . We know it can be difficult to schedule a test within 48 hours of returning on January 3 due to the holidays and your current location. If you cannot get a test scheduled within 48 hours of your scheduled testing window (Monday, January 3), you should sequester until after completing two rounds of surveillance testing on campus, as per university guidance issued by email on December 29; this may impact your ability to participate in in-person activities on your anticipated timelineThe priority at this time is for students to have a test performed within 48 hours of returning to campus even if that means delaying their initial entry test. For example, it makes most sense for safety to be tested after New Year’s Eve, when many people gather. The reason is to try to minimize risks of exposure for our Duke community in order to keep us healthy and promote return to and maintain in-person learning.
    • For those with clinical rotations starting the first week in January, you must be tested and cleared the week of January 3. If your PCR test result is not available within 48 hours before Monday, January 3, please complete your testing as soon as possible and then come to Duke for entry testing as soon as you have a negative PCR result. 
    • Please note that in-person classes are scheduled to start Tuesday, January 18, and you will need to plan for a few days sequestration after your Duke entry test while your results are pending.  
    • The University has provided guidance, that if you tested within 48 hours but do not yet have a result, that you may come to Duke for entry testing, and they will provide additional guidance at that time. This might be necessary for those students on tighter timelines for clinical rotations, which are scheduled to begin in person the first week in January.  
  8. What do I do if I became COVID positive during the holidays?
    • First of all, please take care of yourself and your loved ones around you. Please follow the CDC guidelines for isolation. Please note that the CDC updated guidelines on Monday, December 27, 2021.
    • Once you are cleared per CDC guidelines to leave isolation (i.e., you meet the minimum number of isolation days and are symptom free), you may return to campus for entry check in. It is advised to bring documentation of your positive COVID test (including dates) with you. Please inform the entry staff of your situation, and they will provide additional guidance at that time. Alternatively, you may contact Student Health once they open in the first week of January; you may find it easier to connect with them in person during entry time. If there is ANY question about safety of others with your return to campus (i.e., not sure about recommended isolation time or symptoms), please do not come to campus and instead please contact Student Health via phone at 919-681-9355.
    • If you are delayed in your return, please contact your Program Assistant Dean.
  9. Who should I inquire with if I have program-specific questions?
    • You should contact your Program Assistant Dean with program-related questions.
  10. When do Duke University School of Nursing students return to in-person didactic classes?
    • Concurrent with university guidance, in-person didactic-classes resume January 18. All classes routinely held online begin on their planned dates. All classes routinely held in person will be held remotely until January 18.
  11. How is the school managing in-person gatherings?
    • School-affiliated group meetings, special events, social gatherings, and similar occasions should remain remote until at least the week of February 7. We will continue monitoring the progression of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 to assess the resumption of these types of in-person activities.

  12. Are students in the ABSN, MSN and DNP nurse anesthesia programs able to provide care to COVID+ patients while in their clinical rotations for DUSON?
    • Duke University School of Nursing (DUSON) in alignment with the Duke University School of Medicine and Duke University Health System, has established guidelines for students completing clinical rotations involving patients with COVID-19 or Patients Under Investigation (PUIs).
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