Im and Chee Receive Award for NCI-SPRINT Program Proposal

Congratulations to Eun-Ok Im, PI and associate dean for research development and regulatory affairs; and Wonshik Chee, entrepreneurial lead and associate professor; who have received an award for their NCI-SPRINT Program proposal entitled "TCIAA." This award is for a six month period, awarded April 1, 2019 to Sept. 30, 2019. 

SPRINT is a program designed to foster, grow and nurture an innovation ecosystem for interventionists. The program is sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and run by instructors with extensive startup and teaching experience. The program provides real world, hands-on training on how to successfully transform cancer control innovations into market-ready products. The ultimate goal is to create research-tested behavioral interventions that are ready to be put into real world practice.

Through the SPRINT funded project, the TICAA research team aims to explore the ways to sustain the TICAA intervention (that the team is currently testing in their R01 study) after the completion of the study (e.g., small business grants, etc.). Also, the team aims to explore the ways that it could extend the TICAA platform to other types of diseases/conditions that are greatly influenced by cultural attitudes (e.g., depressive symptoms, dementia, etc.). Finally, the team aims to explore the ways that it could extend the TICAA platform to other racial/ethnic groups and other nations.

Involved Faculty: 
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