Im and Chee Submit NIH RO1 Application

Kudos to Eun-ok Im and Wonshik Chee and their entire team for the submission of their NIH R01 Multi-PI application entitled: "To Reduce Depressive Symptoms in Mid-life Korean Americans through Promoting Physical Activity." This proposal requests funding for a five-year period with a start date of Sept. 1, 2018. 

With an increasing multicultural aging population in the U.S., depression in midlife racial/ethnic minorities has become more significant than ever. Depression is often unrecognized and untreated especially in racial/ethnic minorities despite its high prevalence, and racial/ethnic minorities tend to rarely seek help for depression. Furthermore, midlife is a life stage of multiple changes that cause additional stress to racial/ethnic minorities, which subsequently makes them at increased risk of depression. To prevent midlife racial/ethnic minorities’ depressive symptoms, physical activities have been suggested as effective modalities. A technology-based program using mobile devices, computers, and accelerometers could provide a highly innovative and effective way for physical activity promotion among racial/ethnic minorities.

The purpose of this randomized intervention study is to examine the efficacy of the technology-based physical activity promotion program in reducing depressive symptoms of midlife Korean Americans (TPAPP-K). The long-term goals are to: (a) evaluate theory-driven culturally competent technology-based preventive interventions for depression of midlife racial/ethnic minorities; and (b) increase physical activity of midlife racial/ethnic minorities, subsequently reducing racial/ethnic disparities in chronic diseases including depression. This study will inform future development of culturally tailored technology-based preventive interventions to reduce racial/racial/ethnic disparities in various health conditions.

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