Im, Postdoctoral Associate Kim, and Chee Publish Article in CIN

sangmi kimEun-Ok Im, associate dean for research development and regulatory affairs; Sangmi Kim, postdoctoral associate; and Wonshik Chee, associate professor; recently published an article entitled "Challenges in a Technology-Based Cancer Pain Mangement Program Among Asian American Breast Cancer Survivors" in Computers, Informatics, Nursing (CIN). Co-authors include Xiaopeng Ji of the University of Delaware, Eunice Chee of North Carolina State University, and Ting Bao, Jun Mao of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. 


This paper aims to discuss the challenges faced during a pilot study that tested a technology-based cancer pain management program among Asian American survivors of breast cancer and provide directions for future technology-based interventions for racial and ethnic minorities. Data consisting of research diaries and meeting minutes underwent content analysis to extract themes that reflected the challenges. The challenges included those related to (1) diversities within the population of Asian American survivors of breast cancer; (2) survivors' treatment and healing process; (3) Internet resources from the participants' countries of origin; (4) building trust between researchers and participants/gatekeepers; (5) fidelity of the intervention; and (6) cultural sensitivity. Future design and implementation of technology-based programs for racial and ethnic minorities must consider these challenges.

Involved Faculty: 
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