IRB Review Plans During Conversion to iRIS IRB System

The purpose of this memo is to inform you of the IRB’s plans for review during the conversion to the iRIS IRB system.

Expedited continuing reviews (renewals) will be reviewed in order of current termination date.  The federal regulations permit review of CRs within 30 days of expiration of IRB approval in order to retain the same anniversary date every year.  However, the regulations also permit the IRB to review a CR at any time provided that the termination date is set 1 year from the date review is complete.  Therefore, many CRs will now have a different termination date in 2019 that will carry on throughout the life of the study.  It will only mean a shortening of the year approval term by 2-3 weeks.  This strategy will clear out the number of continuing renewals before conversion and take pressure off both study teams and the IRB reviewers as they learn to work within iRIS.


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