Oermann, Conklin, Ashton, Edie, Amarasekara & Budinger Publish Article in Journal of Nursing Scholarship

Marilyn Oermann, Jamie Conklin, Kathleen Ashton, Alison Edie, and Sathya Amarasekara recently published an article entitled "Study of Predatory Open Access Nursing Journals" in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship. Co-authors included Susan Budinger from Duke Office of Clinical Research and Editors Leslie Nicoll and Peggy Chinn.

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to identify predatory journals in nursing, describe their characteristics and editorial standards, and document experiences of authors, peer reviewers, and editors affiliated with these journals. Predatory journals exist in nursing and bring with them many of the “red flags” that have been noted in the literature, including lack of transparency about editorial processes and misleading information promoted on
websites. The number of journals is high enough to warrant concern in the discipline about erosion of our scholarly literature. Nurses  rely  on  the  published  literature  to   provide evidence for high-quality, safe care that promotes optimal patient outcomes. Research published in journals that do not adhere to the highest standards of publishing excellence have the potential to compromise nursing scholarship and is an area of concern.

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