OGACHI Welcomes International Scholar Liang

The Office of Global and Community Health Initiatives welcomes international visiting research scholar Yan Liang, PhD, for a one-year visit. Liang is a lecturer at Fudan University School of Nursing in Shanghai, China and will have a mentored and professional development experience working under the guidance of Kirsten Corazzini.

While at DUSON, Liang will develop a conceptual framework or competing theoretical perspectives for empirical study of demands and supplies of home-based long-term care of the elderly in Shanghai China by participating in course 908 - Context of Chronic Illness & Care Systems; gain knowledge of qualitative research methodology and advance understanding of long-term care systems in the US, especially person-centered care of nursing home residents, by participating in long-term care research led by Corazzini and her research teams; develop knowledge of social welfare policy for the elderly and long-term care policy in the USA by conducting a literature review and attending related lectures to get experience for the LTCI pilot project in Shanghai China; and submit for publication in English, peer-reviewed Journals on currently conducted research.

Liang is located in Clipp 1027. She can be reached by email at y1456@duke.edu.

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