OGACHI Welcomes Visiting Scholar Kim

The Office of Global and Community Health Initiatives (OGACHI) welcomes international visiting research scholar, San Suk Kim, PhD, MSN, who arrived on June 1 for an eight-month visit. Kim is a past associate professor at Chung-Ang University in Seoul Korea and will have a mentored and professeional development experience working under the guidance of Jennie De Gagne.

During Kim's time at DUSON, she will: participate in the studies of De Gagne’s current education projects on student engagement, online learning/teaching, and cyber civility; complete her current project (i.e., Evaluation of Debriefing Methods of Simulation Practice for Korean Nursing Students) with De Gagne’s consultation; submit the study findings of her current study in a peer-reviewed nursing education journal; observe a variety of educational committees’ activities with the permission of their chairs. Examples include the Institute for Educational Excellence (IEE) and the Duke Advancement of Nursing, Center of Excellence (DANCE) meetings; if approved, participate in the following courses: N731-Facilitating Student Learning and N745-Synthesis-Implementing Educator’s Roles.

Kim will be located in Clipp #1032. She can be reached by email at sang.suk.kim@duke.edu.

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