Pan, Davis and Colleague Publish Article in the Journal of Family Nursing

Wei Pan, associate professor; and Linda Davis, professor emerita; published an article entitled "Family Involvement in Adult Chronic Disease Care: Reviewing the Systematic Reviews" in the Journal of Family Nursing. Catherine Gilliss, University of California of San Francisco is a co-author of this article.


Health care providers, policy makers, and investigators are dependent upon the quality and accuracy of published research findings to inform and guide future practice and research in their field. Systematic reviews, the synthesis of outcomes across studies are increasingly more common in the family literature; however, published review reports often lack information on strategies reviewers used to insure dependability of findings, and minimize methodological bias in the review. In this article, we summarize findings from systematic reviews of interventions and outcomes from family involvement in adult chronic disease care published between 2007 and 2016. In addition, we explore procedures reviewers used to insure the quality and methodologic rigor of the review. Our discussion provides guidance and direction for future studies of family involvement in chronic disease care.


Involved Faculty: 
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