PhD Alumnus Cicero, Silva, Humphreys and Colleagues Publish Article in Advances in Nursing Science

Ethan CiceroEthan Cicero, PhD '18; Susan Silva, associate professor; and Janice Humphreys, professor; recently published an article entitled "Health Care Experiences of Transgender Adults: An Integrated Mixed Research Literature Review" in Advances in Nursing Science. Co-authors include Sari Reisner of Harvard Medical School and Boston Children's Hospital; and Elizabeth Merwin of the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at The University of Texas Arlington.


This integrated literature review, framed by the gender affirmation framework, sought to contextualize the experiences of transgender adults interfacing with health care after the release of Healthy People 2020. The constructs of the gender affirmation framework represented 4 a priori themes used to organize the findings. The 23 articles synthesized (quantitative, n = 13; qualitative, n = 7; case studies, n = 2; and mixed methods, n = 1) revealed numerous obstacles accessing health care, discrimination from health care professionals and clinicians, restricted health insurance benefits for medically necessary care, and barriers to medically necessary care, such as cross-sex hormones, as well as primary and preventative health care.

Involved Faculty
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