Solorzano Presents at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Conference

Rosa Solorzano recently presented at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Annual Convention and World Language Expo in Boston.

Solorzano along with her colleagues from the Roman Studies Department, Joan Clifford and Bethzaida Fernandez, presented their work using innovative technologies for teaching a foreign language and health: Exploring Language, Culture & Health using Innovative Technologies. The interactive presentation explored how innovative technologies are used to increase health, cultural, and linguistic knowledge in Spanish language courses for undergraduate and graduate students by using different conversation learning management systems. The preliminary results of an on-going study on the impact of these technologies on learning also were presented.

Solorzano, Clifford and Bethzaida described a model of the hybrid Medical Spanish graduate courses using Adobe Connect and Double Robotics to engage distance-learning students in applying their nursing and language skills; the model of an undergraduate Spanish language course using Skype and Talkabroad platforms for interaction with international speakers; and the preliminary results of a study on the use of these technologies. Preliminary findings show that students develop a deeper knowledge of culture and health issues, domestic and abroad, from health providers and community members, through two technologies that provide conversation platforms with native speakers.

During the presentation, attendants were able to experience a live demonstration on the use of JAMMER-Double Robot thanks to the participation of staff member Raymond Brisson.  

Involved Faculty: 
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