Stevenson, Trotter and ABSN Alumna Hurt Publish Article in Nursing for Women's Health

Eleanor Stevenson, Kathy Trotter and ABSN alumna Melissa Hurt published an article entitled "Oocyte Cryopreservation for Fertility Preservation in Healthy Women" in the October-November, 2017 edition of Nursing for Women's Health. 

Advancements in methods of fertility preservation have resulted in more options available to women seeking to postpone reproduction. Preservation of unfertilized oocytes provides women with the possibility for reproduction even after age-related declines in fertility might make conceiving a child difficult to impossible. As oocyte cryopreservation rises in popularity among women, it is crucial for nurses and other clinicians to understand the background, process, ethical issues, and risks involved to help women make informed medical decisions.

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