Tech Tips: Check Internet Speed, Sync Duke Box Files


Tech Tip of the Week

Think your internet speed is slow? Find out! is a great, easy site to check your connection speed. It is browser-safe and should work on any of your devices, even your phone. 

Here are some good rules of thumb for download speed:

  • Check email and browse the web: < 1 Mbps

  • Zoom: 1 Mbps minimum

  • Stream HD video content, including Mediasite: 15 Mbps minimum

  • Stream 4K content, video gaming: 40 Mbps minimum


Using Box Sync

A great tech tool provided by Duke is Box Sync. It synchronizes files and folders across all devices and your Box account. Any changes you make to your synced files will automatically be reflected on all of your devices. This is great for files you use offline and/or update frequently. Plus, it works with both Windows and Mac equipment.

Remember to always save your important files to your network drive. If you like to save to your local computer, you can use Box as an automatic cloud backup. When you save your documents to the sync folder configured within Box, Duke Box automatically makes a backup. This is highly recommend for anyone who likes to store their files on their local computer.

Box is fully secure and approved by the Information Security Office. You can store your academic, research and personal files. No one else has access to your folders unless you specifically give them access. When you leave Duke, no one will gain access to your folders. They will simply be deleted.   

Ready to use Box Sync?  OIT has created instructions for each device:

The Guide for New Users offers detailed instructions and tips for trying Box tools. Duke OIT also offers a collection of references on advanced features, including a plug-in that will allow you to upload files directly from your Outlook email.  Just search for “Box.”



If you have any technical questions or problems, please contact your IT Service Desk at 919-684-9200 or Check out IT's blog for more on this and other topics. 



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