Alesha Pressley

ABSN Student
alesha pressley

My life has been split between living in rural South Carolina and in crime-ridden Newark, New Jersey. In both, I have had firsthand experience on what health care looks like when there are a lack of resources and for marginalized communities. I have lost very important family members like my mom and grandpa, suddenly, to things that could have easily been treated by something as simple as education and early screenings. I vowed to not let that happen to others. For me, being the change, I wanted to see in health care delivery is why I decided to pursue a career in nursing.

While pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Public Health at Coastal Carolina University, I interned with several community-based organizations such as domestic violence shelters and rehabilitation support groups for individuals suffering from traumatic brain injuries. After graduating, I worked for a nonprofit that provided primary and specialty care to underserved populations (homeless, low income, undocumented) as a health access counselor. While there, I yearned to provide a more holistic approach of care for the patients I served. That led me to nursing.

I chose DUSON because it is one of the top nursing programs in the world. It was the only nursing program I applied to. The academics, professors, clinical hours, and environment are unmatched. Coming to Duke Days and meeting the faculty and staff and seeing how they engaged with one another, students, and potential students helped solidify that choice for me. That and being the nursing school with the only simulation lab in North Carolina that is accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare and the Council for Accreditation of Healthcare Simulation Programs in the area of Teaching/Education.

I am open to the many possibilities that nursing can take me. I love community health and research and am open to continuing education to become a DNP. I plan to soak up as many experiences as I can and see where it leads me!

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