Amelia Kyle Rountree

MSN Student
Kyle Rountree

I have two prior degrees from Duke University, so I guess you could say it was a given for me to pursue a third from Duke. My first degree from Duke was a bachelor in psychology and after writing a thesis, I realized psychology wasn’t something I was completely satisfied in so I began looking for other options. I discovered nursing as an option and decided to apply, and was accepted to the DUSON ABSN program.

After graduating from the ABSN program, I worked in a pediatric intensive care unit and loved it! Within a few months, I started to realize that I had found my calling. I enjoyed the complexity of patients seen in the ICU, but more importantly, children have a resiliency and innocence that is unparalleled by any other patient population. I was constantly impressed by the nurse practitioners whom I worked with and decided to pursue an MSN degree and decided to apply to DUSON’s Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Acute Care program.

I chose to come back to DUSON after obtaining my ABSN degree because of the faculty. The faculty members truly have a passion for teaching and a desire to see their students succeed.

DUSON does a fantastic job of preparing its graduates to have active roles and be contributing members of the nursing community. They do this by encouraging research and quality improvement initiatives that students can continue to pursue even after graduation.

The faculty members at DUSON have made interactive distance-based learning a reality. Initially, I wasn’t excited about the MSN program being distance based, but it gave me a lot more flexibility in my schedule. I feel a unique aspect of the MSN program is the fact that faculty members get creative and manage to create opportunities for live simulations with other students.

Nursing is a career in which you are a lifelong learner and I am proud to be a part of a healthcare field that is continually growing and evolving.

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