Amnazo Muhirwa

PhD Student
Amnazo Muhirwa

I’ve wanted to pursue a career in the health care industry for as long as I can remember. To pass the time figuring out whether I’d like to pursue Medical School, I enrolled in the ABSN program at Winston Salem State University. I’ve enjoyed the unique interaction that nurses have with patients and enjoy being closely involved with the health process of individuals during their most vulnerable states.

My area of research in the PhD program is in understanding barriers to chronic disease management among African American women. Previously, I worked as a nurse on a cardiothoracic surgical unit and encountered challenges in educating patients on lifestyle changes that could prevent readmission and observed the importance of culture on a patient’s decision to incorporate these changes. For heart disease or breast cancer, I’m interested in the unique barriers that contribute to the high mortality rate that currently exists among African American women.

I chose to attend DUSON because of how comfortable I felt with the faculty and mentors. It was important to me to attend a school that valued diversity and inclusion while also ensuring the support of its students. From faculty and mentors who prioritize my needs, to librarians that are extremely patient and always available to clarify any questions, I’m confident that I’m at an institution that is committed to my success as a student and future nurse leader.

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