Dingyue (Demy) Wang

PhD Student
dingyue wang

Originally from Kunming, China, I moved to Atlanta in 2017 and completed my BSN at Emory University. I love the clinical experience, but as I explored different opportunities in my undergraduate study, I realized that I am most passionate about nursing research, which explores the science of human health and human health-related behaviors. The research process itself is intriguing. I enjoy the process of accumulating knowledge on my area of interest and gradually obtain a more holistic understanding of the topic. 

I am interested in studying Alzheimer’s disease and associated dementia and triple-negative breast cancer. My current study focuses on exploring the relationship between cognitive appraisal and the risk of developing mild cognitive impairment in family caregivers. My experience working with gerontological patients informed my research interest.  

I chose Duke because my research interest matched with my mentors at the school, and the resources exclusive to the nursing PhD program at the Duke School of Nursing could help me achieve my professional goals. I'm also a member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honors Society of Nursing. 

I am interested in the health of family caregivers who play a fundamental role in patient care but are increasingly at risk of becoming the “second patient.” I hope that my work will potentially direct further research in the development of interventions aimed at promoting healthy cognition and improving the quality of life in family caregivers. 


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